“Eureka” for COVID-19 test inventor

“Eureka” for COVID-19 test inventor

The inventor of a ground-breaking COVID-19 test described his “eureka moment” when he realized he could adapt existing tech to create a rapid virus test. Professor Chris Toumazou is the co-founder of DnaNudge, which produces App technology that uses DNA and lifestyle...

Renewed calls for a unified EU patent system

Renewed calls for a unified EU patent system

Despite, or maybe because of recent high-profile blows to the planned implementation of such a system, EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has once again called upon Member States to move forward with a unified EU patent. Breton’s call comes at a time when...

USPTO may prioritize COVID-19 applications

USPTO may prioritize COVID-19 applications

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has asked for comments on its proposal to fast-track patent applications relating to COVID-19 – a so-called Prioritized Examination Pilot Program (PEPP). In a statement released on its website, the USPTO says that...

WHO wants a COVID patent pool?

WHO wants a COVID patent pool?

The annual world health assembly, the forum through which the World Health Organization (WHO) is governed and an event which involves almost every country in the world, began (via videolink) on 18 May. At the top of the agenda is, of course, the current COVID-19...

Annual Patent and Trademark Attorney Salary Survey 2020

The Patent Lawyer is partnering with Fellows and Associates to bring you the 9th Annual Patent and Trademark Attorney Salary Survey 2020. This survey aims to analyze the current remuneration packages available for Patent and Trademark Attorneys. As such, all...

Innovation surge needed to address climate change, says WIPO

A new WIPO report, released to coincide with World IP Day on Sunday 26 April, has highlighted the fact that innovation in environmentally friendly technologies as measured by international patent applications barely rose in 2019, prompting a call from WIPO Director...

World IP day – small entities, big impact

With World IP Day 2020 celebrating the theme of a greener future, when it comes to innovation in green technology, it is not just the major corporations that are making the difference. A lot of smaller entities are also working on technologies that could have a...

More Copyright News

Quibi sues Eko over trade secrets claim

Following claims that it stole trade secrets, US mobile video platform Quibi, founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Katzenberg and due to launch on 6 April, has launched legal proceedings against tech company Eko, denying patent infringement and stating that the latter “embarked...

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Derwent report shows fragmented patent landscape

According to the latest Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators report, released by Clarivate Analytics, the emergence of market disrupters is fragmenting the global patent landscape and diluting the invention market share of leading innovators. Rapid change has seen large...

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Supreme Court victory for VirnetX

In what represents an enormous, and expensive, blow for Apple, the US Supreme Court has declined to consider the tech giant’s appeal from a recent Court of Appeal decision, in which it was held that Apple could not proceed with patent invalidation claims against...

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Neodron strikes again

Controversial Irish patent-holding company Neodron has launched a patent infringement action against Apple in the US District Court, claiming that four of its patents have been used without permission by Apple in the capacitive touchscreens used in Apple's iPhone 11...

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USPTO patent statistics saw upward trend in 2019

The total number of patents granted in the United States has been more-or-less static over the last five years. However, that trend came seemed to come to an end last year. New 2019 USPTO patent statistics analysis, carried out using Anaqua’s AcclaimIP patent search...

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AI and IP – the WIPO consultation

The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) is currently undertaking a public consultation on AI and IP, seeking comments from interested parties on the likely impact of AI on IP law and practice. Saiful Khan, partner and specialist electronics and computing patent...

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Apple loses latest VirnetX action

It has been nearly ten years since Apple and VirnetX first locked horns in patent litigation. VirnetX, a Nevada-based security technology company, holds patents for tech used in secure communications – patents that, VirnetX has alleged in proceedings against both...

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WiLan awarded $85 million against Apple

A California jury has ruled against Apple in its most recent skirmish with Canadian intellectual property licensing company WiLan, finding that the tech giant owes the latter some $85 million in damages. WiLan has been involved in patent proceedings against Apple,...

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Nintendo patent verdict overturned

Long-running proceedings against gaming behemoth Nintendo have concluded in the company’s favor after a US federal court found that the Kyoto-based company did not infringe motion-control patents held by iLife Technologies Inc, a Dallas tech company that has developed...

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Big changes to Saudi IP hearings

The Saudi justice minister Walid Al-Samaani has announced that, from February, patent and copyright cases will be heard by commercial courts and/or committees established within those courts. Previously, such cases were heard by two committees, constituted to examine...

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Philips bid to block US Fitbit sales

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) has voted to institute an investigation of certain wearable monitoring devices manufactured by, amongst others, Fitbit and Garmin. The investigation follows a complaint filed by Philips North America, alleging violations...

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Masimo alleges Apple Watch infringement

Masimo, the California-based patient-monitoring technology manufacturer, has brought patent infringement proceedings against Apple in the US District Court, claiming that the multinational’s Apple Watch infringes upon ten of its patents. Further, Masimo alleges that...

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Airbnb using patented tech to identify “psychopaths”

Following a patent application last year, Airbnb is now using advanced AI-powered software gained from its acquisition of tech startup Trooly to run social media background checks on potentially “untrustworthy” bookers. The “trait-analyzing” software uses bespoke...

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EPO rejects applications from AI inventor

The European Patent Office (EPO) has, in a landmark decision, rejected two patent applications designating an artificial intelligence, rather than a human being, as the inventor. Both applications named the neural-net AI “DABUS” as the creator of, respectively, an...

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Fake AirPods lead Britain’s counterfeit Christmas

According to research commissioned by online retailer Vape Club, and based on data from UK Trading Standards, fake Apple AirPods are set to be the most “popular” counterfeit item this Christmas in the UK, with trading standards having already seized £134,000 worth of...

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Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders challenge HIV drug patent extension

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders have written an open letter to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) accusing US pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences Inc of “corporate misconduct” over its actions relating to the development of...

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Nokia calls ceasefire with Daimler

Earlier this year, a group of companies, including Daimler, Continental, and Valeo, complained to the European Commission over Nokia’s licensing fees for technology patents for smart car navigation and autonomous cars. Nokia, meanwhile, currently finds itself pursuing...

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Clarivate acquires Darts-ip

Clarivate Analytics, the US provider of subscription-based analytics services, has announced its acquisition of Darts-ip, a leading supplier of case law data and analytics for IP professionals. The deal will see Darts-ip providing case law data and supporting...

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Tesla patents windshield-cleaning lasers

In a step that seems outlandish even by its own standards, Tesla has filed a patent with the USPTO for a system that would clean the glass surfaces on its cars, from the windshield to side windows to camera lenses, with lasers. According to the patent application, the...

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The role of patents in COVID-19

Munir A. Suboh and Felicity Hammond of BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP examine the intellectual property issues raised by any potential vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

IP Law in the time of Coronavirus

Ventilator production – Dr Richard Fawcett of Powell Gilbert LLP asks if intellectual property presents an additional stumbling block.

What do patents reveal about Coronavirus?

Minesoft’s Sabelo Moyo and Elizabeth Lam show how patent data can be interrogated to extract meaningful and actionable insights.

Long-awaited legal changes for CII in Poland

Weronika Witkowska, European and Polish Patent Attorney at Patpol, looks at recent efforts to bring Polish patent protection for CII in line with other jurisdictions.

Biting off more than you can chew!

The lure of broad claims may be tempting, but DPS Parmar, Special Counsel at LexOrbis, explains why broad construction might not be the best option.

PTAB discretionary institution and parallel petitions

David L. McCombs, Theo Foster, Eugene Goryunov, Gregory Huh, Jonathan Bowser, and Calmann Clements of Haynes and Boone, LLP look at PTAB’s discretion to deny parallel petitions.

Defending the interests of the Southern Kuzbass Coal Company

Roman Larshin of Zuykov and partners discusses a recent patent action in which his firm played a crucial part.

Complex protection of IP rights to plant varieties in Russia and Ukraine

Maksym Bocharov and Oksana Karpenko of Gorodissky and Partners discuss the plant patent landscape in the two neighboring countries.

Outsourcing of IP administration – what, when, and how?

Janne Bohm of the IP Station management group explains the range of benefits offered by outsourced IP administration.

Looking at EU priority in ARIPO patent applications

Vítor Sérgio Moreira of Inventa International examines the growing trend in EU priority claims in ARIPO patent applications.

Comparing patent validity standards at the EPO and JPO

Dr. Yoshitaka Sonada and Alison Santino of Sonada & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law discuss contrasting approaches to invalidation actions.

How AI tools will change patent practice

Dennemeyer’s Steven M. Shape looks at the role that AI technologies can play in patents.

Chilean IP undergoes some much-needed patent law revision

Mauro Dellafiori Albala and Daniel de Santiago Villagrán of Dellafiori examine welcome changes to IP law in Chile.

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