Tesla patents windshield-cleaning lasers

Tesla patents windshield-cleaning lasers

In a step that seems outlandish even by its own standards, Tesla has filed a patent with the USPTO for a system that would clean the glass surfaces on its cars, from the windshield to side windows to camera lenses, with lasers. According to the patent application, the...

Organizations demand African pharmaceutical patent reform

Organizations demand African pharmaceutical patent reform

A collective of more than ninety civil organizations has called for urgent reform of the Harare Protocol of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) in order to ensure that people across Africa have access to affordable medicines. The...

LG intensifies patent offensive against Chinese rivals

LG intensifies patent offensive against Chinese rivals

LG, the South Korean technology giant, has brought patent infringement proceedings against Chinese multinational, and rival, TCL Corporation. LG alleges that TCL infringed three Long-Term Evolution (LTE) patents held by LG. LTE is a wireless standard for broadband...

Sony files PS5 controller patents

Sony files PS5 controller patents

Ahead of next year’s eagerly awaited launch of its new PS5 videogame console, Sony has filed patents with the Japanese patent office for a new iteration of its DualShock controller. The visual design and functionality of Sony’s PlayStation controllers was largely...

Wells Fargo loses USAA infringement action

Wells Fargo loses USAA infringement action

American financial services giant Wells Fargo has been found by a Texan court to have infringed patents held by the United Services Automobile Association (USAA). The ruling found that Wells Fargo had intentionally infringed two patents, both relating to an...

Intel attacks Fortress

Having tired of being the subject of a stream of infringement lawsuits from patent-aggregating entity Fortress Investment Group, multinational tech giant Intel has now launched its own proceedings against Fortress, seeking a declaration that Fortress’ business is...

Shanks finally triumphs against Unilever

In a decision that has surprised many, given earlier decisions to the contrary by the Patent Office, the High Court and the Court of Appeal, Professor Ian Shanks has won his case in the Supreme Court against his former employer, Unilever. Whilst working for a Unilever...

HyperStealth patents military “Invisibility Cloak”

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation, a manufacturer of camouflage uniforms used by the military, has announced that it has recently filed a patent application relating to a “Quantum Stealth Light Bending Material” which it refers to, in a nod towards Harry Potter’s...

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InterDigital files UK patent action against Lenovo

US Research and Development firm InterDigital has gone to the High Court in the UK to begin patent infringement proceedings against Chinese technology giant Lenovo. The action concerns a number of 3G and 4G patents. InterDigital, which owns over thirty-thousand mobile...

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Last-minute patent agreement between LG and Qualcomm

South Korean smartphone manufacturer LG and American telecoms giant Qualcomm have, at the eleventh hour, reached a settlement whereby LG will retain its license to use a number of Qualcomm’s 5G technology patents. The deal comes after extended legal tussles between...

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Apple sees RED over 4K compression patent

Red Digital Cinema, or ‘Red’, manufacturer of the ‘RED’ digital cameras used widely across the film industry, has this week reacted robustly to Apple’s May 2019 lawsuit to have one of Red’s patents invalidated. Apple had argued that Red’s patent for its “REDCODE”...

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L’Oreal Stole Trade Secrets Rules US Court

French multinational L’Oreal has been ordered to pay damages of over $91 million to Olaplex, a small company that employs less than thirty staff, after a federal court in the US found that L’Oreal had stolen Olaplex’s trade secrets and infringed two of its patents....

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HTC stops UK phone sales after patent battle

Taiwanese Technology company HTC has ceased sales of its smartphones in the UK in the latest chapter in its ongoing patent dispute with IPCom, a patent firm. Phone sales via HTC’s own website have already been suspended, with the manufacturer currently working to halt...

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Has Apple crossed a ‘red squiggly line’?

A patent-infringement action has been filed against Apple by Sentius International, which previously partnered with Apple on various products. Sentius alleges that Apple’s spell-checking tool, which searches a device’s internal dictionary before highlighting any...

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EPO to assist UKIPO with biotech patent backlog

The European Patent Office (EPO) has agreed to do some biotechnology patent searches on behalf of the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) in an effort to help tackle its large backlog of applications. UKIPO said it has trained and recruited relevant patent...

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China to enhance IPR protection

China is making aims to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the State Council's executive meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, ruled on Wednesday. The meeting ruled that efforts to formulate and improve the criteria for determining, checking...

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UK Queen approves Patent Court judge for Court of Appeals

UK Queen Elizabeth II has approved the appointment of judge Richard Arnold to the UK Court of Appeals. Arnold had previously served as a High Court of Justice judge in the Chancery Division from 2008 and was appointed judge in charge of the Patents Court in April...

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R&D intensive organisations lobby policy makers in Europe

IP Europe – a coalition of R&D intensive organisations in Europe whose inventions are protected by Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) – has launched policy recommendations calling on European policymakers to prioritise IP protection at the highest political level...

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CPA Global and Brügmann enter partnership on IP tech

IP technology leader CPA Global today announces a new partnership with Brügmann Software GmbH, which aims to optimize and connect law firms and in-house IP teams to the patent renewals management services around the world through a joint technical interface and secure...

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Apple sued for infringement of low-power mode

Apple is in the midst of legal action by Location Based Technologies (LBT) for allegedly infringing a patent related to the 'low-power mode' and 'facedown detection' features in various iPhones and iPads models. Filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of...

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Fellows IP Salary Survey 2019

The results of the intellectual property salary survey are now live! Teaming up with The Patent Lawyer Magazine, this report presents data from a salary survey of the intellectual property profession which was collected over a six-week period from the 1 st of May 2019...

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Apple hit with infringement case over universal keyboard

Apple is once again the subject of a patent lawsuit having allegedly infringed a patent covering a universal keyboard. According to the complaint filed in the District of Delaware, Princeps Interface Technologies allege that Apple infringed its U.S. patent. The patent...

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Ericsson and Intellectual Venture enter license agreement

Ericsson recently announced that it entered into a license agreement with Intellectual Ventures, putting an end to all patent infringement lawsuits between the two companies. The agreement includes a lawsuit which ended up in $43 million jury verdict for the patent...

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Why an effective patent licensing environment is essential for Europe’s technological sovereignty in 5G

Kerry Miller, Head of IP Policy and Advocacy at Nokia, sets out the conditions required to ensure that Europe maintains its position as strategic leader in 5G technology.

Not my jurisdiction – or is it?

Luke Maunder, Senior Associate at Bristows, looks at the rise of jurisdictional issues in patent cases.

Canadian patent law – adjusting to new practice

Janice Kelland of Moffat & Co. explains recent developments in Canadian patent law.

Developing a successful licensing program

Martin Bijman, Director of IP Products at TechInsights, explains how formalized assertion programs can benefit rights holders.

Disputing the current patent as a method for preventing the illegal actions of unfair competitors

Sergey Zuykov of Zuykov and partners looks at ways of combating “patent trolling” in Russia.

IP Trend Monitor Survey 2019 - AI and IP

Dennemeyer Group and CTC Legal Media present the 2019 IP Trend Monitor Survey: “How will AI transform the management of Intellectual Property?”

Neural networks: rethinking IP in the auto industry

Rajvinder Jagdev and Lin Liu of IP law firm Powell Gilbert examine the role of IP in autonomous vehicle AI.

Swedish small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly active in protecting their IP rights

Maria Zamkova, CEO of Fenix Legal, discusses the importance of IP protection to those small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) driving technological innovation in Sweden.

Time is of the essence as the EPO opposition timeline tightens

Katherine Green, Ph.D., Partner and European Patent Attorney, and Emily Hayes, Ph.D., Partner and European Patent Attorney, Mewburn Ellis LLP, discuss Mewburn Ellis’ recent EPO streamlining research, and explain why patentees need to act fast.

The role of purpose characteristics in inventions relating to alloys

Mikhail Samsonov of Gorodissky & Partners discusses alloy patents in Russia.

Patent citations - extracting valuable insights from an often-overlooked complex data source

Jason Resnick, Patent Agent, Minesoft, discusses and defines patent citations and their many uses.

Are partial designs protected in China?

Wang Tongdong & Zhang Yuanyuan of Lifang & Partners discuss methods for protecting partial designs in China.

The curious case of patent term extension

DPS Parmar, Special Counsel at LexOrbis, looks at why certain industries may intrinsically and routinely require an extended patent term.

Conference Season – Editor’s report

Matt Seex, Editor of The Patent Lawyer Magazine, looks back at the 2019 AIPPI World Congress in London and the 47th Annual Meeting of the IPO in Washington DC.

An overview of the current Mexican patent system

Victor Garrido, Head of the Patent Department at Dumont, outlines how patents are filed and protected in Mexico.

No risk for “launch at risk”

Mattias Malmstedt and Magnus Dahlman, Partners at Gulliksson, and Jessika Skargren, Associate at Gulliksson, comment on the recent judgment from the CJEU (C-688/17) and its implication for “launch at risk”.

Boilerplate text in patent specifications: a Brazilian point of view

Patrícia Franco and Felipe Barros Oquendo of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados look at the issues that can arise when Brazilian patent applications include boilerplate text.

New examination guidelines on inventive step of patent and new guidelines on hearing system for patent invalidity cases in Taiwan

Lewis C. Y. HO, President of Lewis & Davis Patent Attorneys Office, Taiwan, looks in detail at recent developments in Taiwan’s patent law.

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