India – extensions and lockdowns

India – extensions and lockdowns

In light of current global events, and in line with many other jurisdictions, the Indian Supreme Court has extended the limitation period for the filing of suits, appeals, and applications in all proceedings before any court, tribunal, or authority in India. The...

Experts react to “unconstitutional” Unified Patent Court

Experts react to “unconstitutional” Unified Patent Court

The future of Europe’s Unified Patent Court (UPC) seems increasingly in doubt. First, the British Government confirmed that it would not seek membership of the Court following Brexit, and now Germany’s intended involvement has been deemed “unconstitutional”. The UPC...

Financial heart attack for Amarin

Financial heart attack for Amarin

In a decisive and damaging blow for the Irish pharmaceutical giant, a US Federal Court decision has ruled that six patents owned by Amarin Corporation, and used in its successful drug VASCEPA, are invalid. VASCEPA, a treatment for cardiovascular disease originally...

EUIPO and EPO extend deadlines

EUIPO and EPO extend deadlines

Given the enormous, and growing, disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Patent Office (EPO) has taken the decision to extend all deadlines for application until 17 April 2020. The decision was announced in a Notice dated 17 March, which stated that...

Quibi sues Eko over trade secrets claim

Following claims that it stole trade secrets, US mobile video platform Quibi, founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Katzenberg and due to launch on 6 April, has launched legal proceedings against tech company Eko, denying patent infringement and stating that the latter “embarked...

Derwent report shows fragmented patent landscape

According to the latest Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators report, released by Clarivate Analytics, the emergence of market disrupters is fragmenting the global patent landscape and diluting the invention market share of leading innovators. Rapid change has seen large...

Supreme Court victory for VirnetX

In what represents an enormous, and expensive, blow for Apple, the US Supreme Court has declined to consider the tech giant’s appeal from a recent Court of Appeal decision, in which it was held that Apple could not proceed with patent invalidation claims against...

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Airbnb using patented tech to identify “psychopaths”

Following a patent application last year, Airbnb is now using advanced AI-powered software gained from its acquisition of tech startup Trooly to run social media background checks on potentially “untrustworthy” bookers. The “trait-analyzing” software uses bespoke...

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EPO rejects applications from AI inventor

The European Patent Office (EPO) has, in a landmark decision, rejected two patent applications designating an artificial intelligence, rather than a human being, as the inventor. Both applications named the neural-net AI “DABUS” as the creator of, respectively, an...

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Fake AirPods lead Britain’s counterfeit Christmas

According to research commissioned by online retailer Vape Club, and based on data from UK Trading Standards, fake Apple AirPods are set to be the most “popular” counterfeit item this Christmas in the UK, with trading standards having already seized £134,000 worth of...

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Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders challenge HIV drug patent extension

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders have written an open letter to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) accusing US pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences Inc of “corporate misconduct” over its actions relating to the development of...

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Nokia calls ceasefire with Daimler

Earlier this year, a group of companies, including Daimler, Continental, and Valeo, complained to the European Commission over Nokia’s licensing fees for technology patents for smart car navigation and autonomous cars. Nokia, meanwhile, currently finds itself pursuing...

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Clarivate acquires Darts-ip

Clarivate Analytics, the US provider of subscription-based analytics services, has announced its acquisition of Darts-ip, a leading supplier of case law data and analytics for IP professionals. The deal will see Darts-ip providing case law data and supporting...

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Tesla patents windshield-cleaning lasers

In a step that seems outlandish even by its own standards, Tesla has filed a patent with the USPTO for a system that would clean the glass surfaces on its cars, from the windshield to side windows to camera lenses, with lasers. According to the patent application, the...

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Organizations demand African pharmaceutical patent reform

A collective of more than ninety civil organizations has called for urgent reform of the Harare Protocol of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) in order to ensure that people across Africa have access to affordable medicines. The...

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Sony files PS5 controller patents

Ahead of next year’s eagerly awaited launch of its new PS5 videogame console, Sony has filed patents with the Japanese patent office for a new iteration of its DualShock controller. The visual design and functionality of Sony’s PlayStation controllers was largely...

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LG intensifies patent offensive against Chinese rivals

LG, the South Korean technology giant, has brought patent infringement proceedings against Chinese multinational, and rival, TCL Corporation. LG alleges that TCL infringed three Long-Term Evolution (LTE) patents held by LG. LTE is a wireless standard for broadband...

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Wells Fargo loses USAA infringement action

American financial services giant Wells Fargo has been found by a Texan court to have infringed patents held by the United Services Automobile Association (USAA). The ruling found that Wells Fargo had intentionally infringed two patents, both relating to an...

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Monsanto’s $7.7bn triumph over Brazilian farmers

In a landmark ruling by Brazil's Court of Appeal, Bayer subsidiary Monsanto has defeated a class-action lawsuit brought by Brazilian farmers over the royalties Monsanto levies on farmers when they save seeds grown from one Monsanto crop for use in the next. With...

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Anaqua secures US Army patent management deal

Anaqua, the Boston-based provider of intellectual asset management (IAM) and IP management solutions, has announced that the US Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) has selected the ANAQUA platform to manage its global IP portfolio. The USAMRDC is...

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Intel attacks Fortress

Having tired of being the subject of a stream of infringement lawsuits from patent-aggregating entity Fortress Investment Group, multinational tech giant Intel has now launched its own proceedings against Fortress, seeking a declaration that Fortress’ business is...

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Shanks finally triumphs against Unilever

In a decision that has surprised many, given earlier decisions to the contrary by the Patent Office, the High Court and the Court of Appeal, Professor Ian Shanks has won his case in the Supreme Court against his former employer, Unilever. Whilst working for a Unilever...

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HyperStealth patents military “Invisibility Cloak”

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation, a manufacturer of camouflage uniforms used by the military, has announced that it has recently filed a patent application relating to a “Quantum Stealth Light Bending Material” which it refers to, in a nod towards Harry Potter’s...

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Hong Kong patent reform

The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department (HKIPD) has announced that a new patent system will be launched in Hong Kong on 19 December 2019. An original grant patent (OGP) system will be introduced to provide applicants with an alternative route of seeking...

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Toolkit to tackle inventor gender gap

Following its Annual Meeting at the end of September, the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) has launched a 96-page “Gender Diversity in Innovation Toolkit” aimed at closing the gender gap between male and female inventors. Despite over 55% of Ph.D....

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California stops pharmaceutical “pay-for-delay”

California has introduced a pioneering new law designed to stop large pharmaceutical companies settling claims of patent infringement by generic drug manufacturers by paying those manufacturers to delay launching their products – the so-called “pay-for-delay”...

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Nokia updates 5G patent declaration

A year on from making a similar announcement back in September 2018, Nokia has stated that, as of October 2019, it has declared to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) that it has identified over 2,000 “patent families” as being “essential” for...

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Finding the “lost Einsteins” of innovation

Sarah Kostiuk-Smith, Partner and European Patent Attorney at Mewburn Ellis, examines the glaring gender disparity in patent inventorship.

Research collaborations in China

Tim Jackson and Jack Liu of Rouse look at the detail of the various requirements set out by Chinese law for successfully protecting collaborative research.

The evolution of IPR estoppel

David L. McCombs, Eugene Goryunov, and Jonathan Bowser of Haynes and Boone, LLP discuss the application of estoppel arising out of an inter partes review to product-based prior art validity challenges.

Recognizing PCT rules on assignment documents

Marina Castro, Head of the Patent Department, and José Carlos Vaz e Dias, Senior Partner, at VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS, discuss recent trends in Brazilian patent law.

The robots are coming. But who owns the IP?

Herman van Schalkwyk, Patent Attorney at Spoor & Fisher South Africa, asks: in the age of AI, who owns what?

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