Gilead wins: high-stakes battle over HIV drug patents

Gilead wins: high-stakes battle over HIV drug patents

In the hallowed halls of intellectual property (IP) and the pharmaceutical industry, Gilead Sciences' recent victory over the US government is a game changer, folks. This isn't just about Gilead shaking off the government's patent claims like a dog shaking off water;...

A potential update to the quid pro quo of patents? US Supreme Court to review enablement requirement in Section 112 of Patent Act

Paul Ratzmann and Melissa Chapman of Fishman Stewart explain the importance of having a ‘proper’ US patent disclosure for promoting science and the useful arts, and how a pending Supreme Court case may determine if certain disclosure strategies meet current enablement requirements.

Reshaping orthodontics: An interview with SoftSmile CEO, Khamzat Asabaev

Khamzat sits down with The Patent Lawyer to discuss the strategic approach to patenting for aligner software, an innovation driven by the hope of making orthodontic treatments affordable to those in need.

Wanted regulations for new patent law provisions in Mexico

Victor Garrido, Partner at Dumont, makes suggestions for the new regulations that are yet to be refreshed since the new Federal Law for The Protection of Industrial Property (FLPIP) was instated in 2020

Flexible use of Chinese divisional applications

Yingan GU and Dongcheng PANG of Beijing Sanyou IP Agency Ltd. explain how to flexibly utilize divisional applications to obtain procedural or substantive benefits.

Computer simulations: lessons from the past

Inspired by the EPO Decision G1/19, Susana Rodrigues, Patent Consultant at Inventa, evaluates three fatal historic events that could have concluded differently if innovative computer simulations had been available.

Omnibus patent applications & pitfalls in inventorship continuity

Adam Smoot and Jacob Israelsen of Maschoff Brennan detail the potential complications that omnibus patents present to inventors, cautioning businesses to ensure that inventorship continuity is maintained for full protection.

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.

Featuring: Eszter Szakács, Partner at Danubia Legal

Sponsored by: Zuykov and partners

Women in IP Leadership: An interview: inspirations, experiences, and ideas for equality.

Featuring:Elaine Spector, Partner at Harrity & Harrity

Sponsored by: Zuykov and partners

Rankings: The Americas & The Caribbean

10 of the best law firms from each of the top The Americas & The Caribbean jurisdictions, including Mexico, Panama, the Caribbean and North America.

Jurisdictional Briefing, Spain: the Unitary Patent is coming, and Spain is still out

Isabel Álvarez and Estefanía Cruz of H&A detail Spain’s current position regarding the UPC with advice for those patenting in Spain and EU member states.

Eurasian Patent Office: Development Trends and Prospects

Dr. Alexey Vakhnin has been discussing with Dr. Grigory Ivliev, the President of the Eurasian Patent Organization, current developments in IP at EAPO. Vakhnina & Partners are glad to introduce, prepared exclusively for The Patent Lawyer Magazine, the summary of the essentials of the Eurasian Patent System provided by the Head of the EAPO, Dr. Ivliev, and recent innovations at the EAPO.

Time indicia in obviousness inquiry – old is gold?

Manisha Singh, Partner, and Neha Ruhela, Senior Associate, of LexOrbis assess secondary indicia factors for ascertaining the non-obviousness of an invention when filing for patent protection.

The results of the national program Digital Economy of Russia in the field of IP protection in 2022

Ludmila Lisovskaya of Zuykov and partners details the recent developments at the Russian Patent Office that bring acceleration and efficiency to applicants.

Clinical trial agreement negotiation and the role of patents

Mark G. Bloom, CLP®, RTTP™, details the aspects that need to be considered during clinical trials and when and why patent applications are crucial for developing new drugs and medical devices.

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Avanci Broadcast adds ETRI, KPN, NEC and NERC-DTV as licensors

One-stop Licensing Platform Expands to Over 80% of Essential Patent Families for the ATSC 3.0 Broadcasting Standard DALLAS, Texas, May 22, 2023 – Avanci Broadcast, the one-stop licensing platform for ATSC 3.0 launched in March 2023, today announced the addition of...

More Copyright News

Non-compete agreements: shielding or shackling innovation?

Introduction In recent years, former employees of Companies have launched innovative solutions to meet the needs of the public, such as the recent launch of Bluesky, a social media platform by Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter. These recent events have sparked...

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Celebrating World IP Day: thoughts from our Editorial Board

Each year, on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated in a continued effort to raise awareness and understanding of the value IP offers. This year’s focus is ‘Women in IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity’, intended to highlight the incredible...

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IP Norge: a new cluster promoting Norway’s IP ecosystem

IP Norge is a recently founded intellectual property cluster based in Norway. The cluster was established by 17 founding members with the aim of bringing together Norwegian companies, organizations and individuals who are involved in the management, protection and...

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Avanci welcomes Samsung Electronics

Leading global innovator joins several Avanci licensing programs, increasing value for licensees Avanci, a leader in simplifying the sharing of advanced technologies, today announced that Samsung Electronics has become a licensor for several of its licensing programs,...

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Ford seeks patent for autonomous repossession

“The rise of AV technology presents a range of opportunities for companies interested in leveraging this technology for their own use. While there are certainly concerns about the potential for increased surveillance and control, the reality is that this technology...

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Guess who? Controversy over deepfake technology

ITV’s new show ‘Deep Fake Neighbour Wars’ has recently received a lot of media attention due to its use of deepfake technology. The show uses images of celebrities and superimposes those images onto the faces of the UKs best impressionists. The impressionists then act...

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Bill Lister retires from Appleyard Lees partnership

Appleyard Lees partner Bill Lister, a solicitor, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney and CMC Registered Mediator, retired from the partnership on 31 March 2023. Bill will continue to work as a consultant for the firm. Bill joined the partnership in 2018, a pivotal time in...

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