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Stuff You Should Know About IP

A semi-monthly podcast exploring current intellectual property and trademark related topics; covering a variety of stuff you should know about IP. Presented by ExecutiveIP.

Ecosystem Partners

4IP Council

“Our ecosystem Partners Share a common focus with 4iP Council and collaborate with us to help promote the understanding of intellectual property rights as an enabler of innovation and means to include social and economic welfare.”

4iP Council republish one article per issue to remain free to read permanently as a knowledge resource via their website. All authors are considered and being selected is a brilliant opportunity to share your knowledge.

Our Collaborations boosts the fluidity of knowledge sharing between external and in-house counsel on a wider scale then ever before.

LOT Network

LOT Network is a non-profit organization that shelters its embers form PAE litigation while protecting the use of their patents.

All 1700+ corporate members of LOT Network will have complimentary direct access to all editions, past and present, of The Patent Lawyer magazines, providing the opportunity for our contributors to be seen directly by all of those global industry leaders. LOT Network’s members include 13 of the largest holders of AI Patents, 12 of the largest holders of blockchain patents, and all seven auto makers. Find out more about the members. 


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