Saebryn reports: How is changing the legal field

Saebryn reports: How is changing the legal field

Navigating remote work is complicated. Though attorneys have been practicing in remote settings for many years, up until the pandemic they could only practice in the same state in which they were licensed. With the recent guidance issued by the American Bar...

TTI selects Anaqua to power its drive for enhanced patent management

World leader in cordless technology to benefit from integrated suite of IP tools  Anaqua, the leading innovation and intellectual property management technology provider, recently announced that Techtronic Industries (TTI), a world leader in power tools and cordless...

A guide to the most influential, innovative, and powerful figures and teams in the corporate patent industry.

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eCommerce company Shopify joins Open Invention Network

Today Shopify and Open Invention Network announced that the eCommerce company has joined its patent non-aggression community. As one of the largest global commerce platforms that provides tools to start, grow and manage a retail business of any size, Shopify said it...

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EIP and Stobbs announce new collaboration

Two pioneering IP firms, EIP and Stobbs, are announcing a new collaboration to provide clients with specialist services in patent protection and trademarking. The innovative agreement will see EIP, a European and US IP firm, focusing on high-value patent matters and...

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New Partner for Withers & Rogers LLP

European intellectual property firm, Withers & Rogers, is delighted to announce the promotion of Christopher Range to the firm’s partnership. Having joined the firm’s Leamington Spa office in 2011, Christopher qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney and European...

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Conflicting applications: what you need to know when filing in China

Zongjie Liu, Partner and Patent Attorney at Corner Stone and Partners,
details the conflictions a foreign applicant may face when filing related
patents in China and suggests remedial measures.

An interview with Laura Donnelly: Assistant General Counsel at Johnson & Johnson

Laura Donnelly speaks to The Patent Lawyer about her experiences,
achievements, and inspirations.

Facebook’s creepiest patents

Kristina Mulina of Zuykov and Partners will make you think about the ways
social media is using your data in light of these intrusive patents.

Level up your IP strategy: patentability of video games in the UK and Europe

Andrew White and Conor McGuinness, of Mathys & Squire, develop key
insights into patenting video games with exploration of unsuccessful and
successful case examples.

Working without borders: getting the job done while working from home

This past year has forced change on everybody alike. Anthony Trippe,
Managing Director of Patinformatics, explores how the Minesoft suite of
tools and services can help remote IP teams to work together efficiently
even though they might be separated.

What Is the Mid-House Counsel™ Model?

J. Baron Lesperance, Of Counsel at Remenick PLLC, considers the new
paradigm for General Counsel: what it is…and what it is not.

IP Management In a Changing Work Environment

Dennemeyer recently published the latest IP Trend Monitor study, in collaboration with CTC Legal Media,
which this year focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Intellectual Property (IP) activities.
In this special summary for The Patent Lawyer Magazine, we reveal how patent practitioners have been
affected so far, what long-term changes are likely and how businesses will need to adapt.

Up-to-date information on patent eligibility in China

Lunwei Huang, Partner at Beijing Sanyou IP Agency Ltd, discusses the
Guidelines for Patent Examination, with experience based opinion, for
successfully patenting emerging technology in the Chinese jurisdiction.

Understanding Indian patent practice on Claims Amendment

Ranjan Narula and Suvarna Pandey, of RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys,
draw on previous cases seen in Indian courts and IPAB to provide
an overview on claims amendment.

Women in IP Leadership

Manisha Singh: Founder and Managing Partner, LexOrbis

Sponsored by Anaqua

Women in IP Leadership

Elisa Volpi: IP Legal Officer, IP Centrum

Sponsored by Anaqua

Patent limitation in Poland – implementation of a longawaited procedure into the Industrial Property Law

Magdalena Tagowska and Agnieszka Zebrowska-Kucharzyk, of Patpol,
consider the recent introduction of limitation procedure in Poland and the
benefits it lends over the prior options.

Substantive examination of patent applications according to the Angolan Patent Law

Vítor Sérgio Moreira, Patent Engineer at Inventa International, specifics the
steps of substantive examination in Angolan Patent law with comparison
to the European Patent Convention.

Complementary term certificates for patents under the new Mexican Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property

José Pablo Pérez Zea and Efrain Olmedo Velazquez, of Santamarina+Steta,
detail the patent protection extension process in light of a recent Supreme
Court ruling in Mexico.

The end of the GCC Patent: what next?

Munir Suboh and Felicity Hammond, of BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem &
Associates LLP provide an overview of the discontinuation of the
GCC patent with a breakdown of the standard national application
requirements now in play for the GCC countries.

Trends of Blockchain in life sciences

Manisha Singh and Shikha Singh, of LexOrbis, provide an informative
breakdown of the use of blockchain in the pharmaceutical, medical,
and genomics industries.

Developments in patenting activity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Richard Johnson, of Mewburn Ellis, discusses data driven technology,
the corresponding growth of patent activity and ideas for the future.

Artificial Intelligence in legal services

Stephen Browning, Challenge Director, and Luke Shipman, Project Manager,
of UKRI explore the current uses of AI in the legal sector, and in IP, and the
prospects of further developments into its use.

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