Amendments to the Intellectual Property Act in Kenya

Inês Monteiro Alves from Inventa International outlines the most significant changes that have been made to the Kenyan Intellectual Property Laws, specifically outlining the main definitions of IPR in relation to patents and industrial designs.

Patenting regenerative medicine in China

In the second part of their two-part series, Juhua Luo and Weiwei Han from CCPIT continue their exploration of patenting regenerative medicine thinking about practical applicability, issues, and future perspectives.

Patentability of antibodies in Mexico

Janett Lumbreras from Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, S.C. considers the patentability of the biological use of antibodies in relation to Mexican Intellectual Property Law.

Banks are taking $50m of your profit: Here’s how to take it back

Wolfgang Danner from Billtrader Pty Ltd outlines the huge monetary loss IP professionals are currently facing and details the Billtrader platform that has helped companies find a solution.

Artificial intelligence in the national patent office: A coming revolution?

Laura Enflo, Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) in Stockholm, Sweden, explores the current and future use of artificial intelligence

Use of inventive concept in response to inventive-step objection

Hui HU from Jiaquan IP Law explores invention applications of materials by closely considering the inventive concept and looking at a case study where inventive concept in a response to an inventive-step objection was used.

Divisional patent applications in Brazil

Renata Campello Afonso from Luiz Leonardos & Advogados
investigates how divisional applications work in Brazil and whether the claims of a divisional application can be broader than those of the earlier (parent) application.

Section 8 compliance issue resurfaces!

Mr. D. P. S. Parmar from LexOrbis studies a recent Indian case over patent IN251037 on the ground of non-compliance of Section 8(1) and outlines the unusual developments it has encountered so far.

Brief of Chinese judicial status over patent infringement actions in 2017

Mr. Zhang Ya zhou from Unitalen Attorneys at Law has collected some relevant data for patent infringement cases in China in 2017

Changes regarding Unity of Invention and Divisional Filings

Daniel Sánchez and Jorge Juárez from OLIVARES explore the current practices of Unity of Invention and Divisional Filings in Mexico and outline the proposed changes to the laws.

Metamorphosis of the Russian utility model over their 25-year history

Nikolay Bogdanov from Gorodissky & Partners explores the transformation of patent law, specifically of utility models, in Russia over the past 25 years.

Looking into patent opposition and invalidation in Vietnam

Pham Vu˜ Khanh Toan from Pham & Associates explores and outlines the patent opposition and invalidation process in Vietnam, giving insight to some recent statistics and studies.

Relevance of the EU Trade Secrets Directive for patent protection in Poland

Piotr Dynowski, LL.M. and Piotr Zawadzki from Bird & Bird outline the recent amendments under the implementation of the (EU) 2016/943 Trade Secrets Directive.

Are your licenses UPC-proof?

Jean-Baptiste Thiénot from CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats focuses on the contractual arrangements that can be useful to get the most out of the UPC and Unitary Patents.

Collaboration, open innovation, and next generation: The Swedish way to create new technology

Maria Zamkova from Fenix Legal KB outlines some projects in Sweden that best display the high level of creative outputs and innovation.

Automotive patents: Owners, technologies, and investigating for evidence of use

Jim Hines from TechInsights outlines the advancement of the automotive industry and automotive technology leading to higher innovation and a changing IP landscape.

Cybersecurity: The race to protect our critical infrastructure

Jason Resnick and James Gray from Minesoft explore why it is so important for business survival to understand your competitors’ patent portfolios

Nullity action risk management

Lech Bury & Marek Bury explore nullity action risk management in light of the possible conversion of the European Patent Application to the Polish Utility Model.

Amendments to the Mexican Law

Edith Rivero and Verónica Avilez outline the recent intellectual property law amendments made in Mexico in April 2018 focusing on patents, utility models, and industrial designs.

How to handle patent reexamination/invalidation cases with PRB in China

Yuqing Feng and Richard Huang from ZY Partners closely consider the Chinese Patent Reexamination Board

Understanding the patent landscape

Dean Parry from Patent Seekers Limited discusses what a patent landscape is and how to carry out patent searches to glean the most information from them.

Pharma patent prosecution in India: Prevnar case study

Neeti Wilson, Arpita Kulshreshtha, and Gitika Suri from Anand and Anand explore a recent and ongoing case in India in the pharmaceutical sector, which is over the Prevnar 13® patent.

IBM files Blockchain patent for scientific research

IT giant IBM filed a new patent that indicates interest in using blockchain technology to support scientific research and reporting. The filing - initially submitted in December - surfaced last week, and shows IBM continuing to pursue the use of blockchain technology...

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Article of the Week #1: Understanding the patent landscape

There are more than 100 million patents available on worldwide patent databases. Patent landscape searching allows this information to be used to help steer company research in the right direction (providing a powerful research tool for product development) and make...

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