Ukrainian IP system is under reform

Ukrainian IP system is under reform

Legal news The reform of the intellectual property industry in Ukraine has reached its final stage. The Government of Ukraine continues the implementation of new requirements of Ukrainian legislation in the field of intellectual property to harmonize national...

Discussion on Chinese service invention-creation and rights ownership thereof

Zhongling HAN and Xiaodong WANG of Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. offer advice for determining an “Employer-First” and “Employee-First” duel model as a solution for invention-creation ownership.

An interview with Amit Gaikwad, Senior Analyst, Patents & Analytics Center of Excellence, GE Research, General Electric Company

Amit sits down with The Patent Lawyer to discuss his experiences as a Patent Analyst and his passion for working towards a zero-carbon energy future.

Patent applicants dash to avoid costly new Canadian Rules

Noel Courage, Partner at Bereskin & Parr, explains the changes to Canadian Rules introduced to improve examination efficiency that may increase prosecution costs.

Adaption of the description: the new praxis at the EPO and implications for applicants

Felix Hermann of Boehmert & Boehmert provides an insight into the discussion between the EPO and the user community, the related legal issues and the implications of the EPO’s practice resulting from the revised EPO GL 2022 on the examination of European patent applications.

Design patents: the name of the game is the [dis]claim

Alexander Czanik of Frost Brown Todd discusses strategies and associated risks of utilizing partial designs.

Straightening out the world of dentistry with innovative patents

Ludmila Lisovskaya, Patent and Chemical Specialist at Zuykov and partners, provides an overview of modern technological innovation in the dentistry field.

BIG Data unveiling BIGGER opportunities for life sciences ecosystem & innovation

Manisha Singh, Founder Partner, and Neha Ruleha, Senior Associate, of LexOrbis review the prospects that Big Data is offering to the industry and the IPR regulation that innovators should monitor.

Award Winning Law Firm Rankings: Asia Pacific

10 of the best law firms from each of the top Asia Pacific jurisdictions, including China, India, Japan and Malaysia.

Jurisdictional Briefing, US: subject matter eligibility no longer just for software and biotechechnology practitioners

Dave S. Christensen and Maggie Russell of Cantor Colburn review the changes for subject matter eligibility as a result of the American Axle & Mfg. v. Neapco Holdings LLC case.

How to choose an IPMS

Sam Nicholson, Managing Director at Equinox IPMS, provides key insight into choosing the correct intellectual Property Management System for your way of working so you can hit the ground running and be confident from day one.

Claiming preliminary and ex parte injunctions – what is needed to succeed?

Maria Zamkova, CEO at Fenix Legal, evaluates two recent cases to offer advice for claiming preliminary and ex parte injunction for successfully protecting a patent even before the patent is granted.

There are always two sides of the same coin – a brief polemic on the unitary patent system from a Polish perspective

Tomasz Gawliczek, PhD, Polish patent attorney and attorney-at-law, and Piotr Godlewski, Polish and European patent attorney, of JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys express their differing opinions on the implementation of the UPC and Poland’s decision to opt-out.

Argentina: “right to be forgotten”

Santiago R. O’Conor, Managing Partner of O’Conor & Power, reviews a person’s rights to have their information deindexed from Google, calling in to question the protection of personal information over information for public interest.

New state standard for patent research

Vladimir Bashkirov, Head of Patent Search Department, and Alexander Budkin, Patent Search Expert, of Gorodissky & Partners evaluate the new methodology and reporting for the new Russian State Standard on Patent Studies.

Update on divisional applications in Mexico

Sergio L. Olivares, Daniel Sánchez, and Mauricio Sámano of OLIVARES explain the relationship between the new law applied in 2020 and divisional applications from parent applications.

ADAPT: the light to a diverse future in the patent field

The Patent Lawyer sits down with a panel of ADAPT’s members, including Judy Yee, Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft, Micheal Binns, Global Head of Patent Portfolio Strategy for Meta’s Family of Apps, and Ken Seddon, CEO of LOT Network, to discuss their DEI mission and how patent professionals can get involved.

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Ukrainian IP system is under reform

Legal news The reform of the intellectual property industry in Ukraine has reached its final stage. The Government of Ukraine continues the implementation of new requirements of Ukrainian legislation in the field of intellectual property to harmonize national...

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EIP and Amar Goussu Staub launch UPC litigation powerhouse

Today EIP Amar, an alliance between EIP and Amar Goussu Staub, launches to support clients with high stakes litigation before the new Unified Patent Court (UPC). Together, the two companies will form a UPC litigation powerhouse by combining their expertise to advise...

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Perkins Coie congratulates 22 new Partners

Perkins Coie is pleased to announce that 22 counsel have been promoted to partner effective January 1, 2023. The firm’s new partner class of 2023 includes the following intellectual property attorneys: Lindsay B. Allen (Washington, D.C.) is a member of the Trademark,...

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Gender bias in patent prosecution

There is a gender gap in patent law.  We’ve known for a long time that women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM).  In the USA over half of PhDs are awarded to women, and yet STEM remains male-dominated. Women for only 30% of...

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EIP’s new Sweden office expands with a further partner hire

EIP, the patent law firm specializing in high-value and complex matters, is today announcing the hire of Pontus Falk as a partner at its recently opened Sweden office. EIP announced the opening of its Sweden office, its first in the Nordic region, in September with a...

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UKIPO published its 2021-2022 Innovation & Growth Report

The UK government has published its annual report on the work of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and the role it plays in driving innovation and growth in the UK. In particular, the report identifies the UK as a leading innovator in key areas of green...

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Bryn Aarflot and Protector IP join forces

(Oslo, October 28, 2022) Bryn Aarflot and Protector IP join forces, becoming one of the strongest professional environments within intellectual property in Norway. The merged company will continue under the name Bryn Aarflot and employ more than 60 IP professionals....

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