ARIPO’s Harare Protocol

Joel Rodrigues, Inventa International, outlines the changes and implications to the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization’s Harare Protocol 10th Amendments making it now equal to other national and multinational’s systems.

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Drafting and reviewing the key clauses of a patent license agreement

Guanbin XIE and Haidong YU from Lifang & Partners identify the key clauses of a patent license agreement and discuss – from a practical standpoint – how the clauses should be drafted and reviewed.

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A rapidly growing Biopharma market

Namir Sioufi, Saba IP, explores patent law in the MENA region in relation to the growing Biopharma market, looking closely at the similarities and differences of the regions involved.

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Current patent challenges in Mexico

Sergio L. Olivares, Jr. and Mauricio Sámano from Olivares discuss the Mexican patent scenario, considering the aspects that work well and those that need more development to be able to protect inventors.

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Wanted: Dead or alive – legal status and ownership in patent strategy

Bob Stembridge, Clarivate Analytics, explains how Derwent Innovation can easily and accurately establish the current status and ownership of a patent making the process faster and easier.

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Telemedicine: Regulations, challenges and opportunities

José Alberto Campos-Vargas, Sánchez Devanny, explore the new regulations, challenges, and opportunities for technology developers in Mexico.

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End of deadlock in the protection of pharmaceutical inventions in Brazi

Marisa Moura Momoli and Priscila Kurdian Castanho Afonso, Di Blasi Parente & Associados, outline the recently introduced Joint Ordinance No. 1 that has settled a 15-year long dispute between the BPTO and ANVISA.

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Biopiracy in the pharmaceutical industry

Swatika Taneja, from KPaSeAn, highlights the importance of patent filing by thinking about biopiracy and its effect on developing countries.

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Patentability of (CIIs) in Poland – still just a mirage?

Piotr Dynowski and Piotr Zawadzki from Bird & Bird discuss the patentability of computer-implemented inventions in Poland, closely considering criticism of the system and necessary updates for the system to work more efficiently and sustainably

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How China’s Supreme Court views scope of protein/gene patents

MIN Dan, ZY Partners, investigates the first SPC model case for bio-tech patents: PRB, Novozymes vs. Longda/Boli.

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“Amendment goes beyond the scope” from the perspective of a person skilled in the art

Dr. Jason Xue, Jiaquan IP Law, outlines two specific cases that are used to analyze the examination standard of Article 33 of the Patent Law.

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Vietnamese patent prosecution policies

Pham Vu Khanh Toan, Managing Partner at Pham & Associates, explores patent prosecution in Vietnam by explaining the current laws and practices in the country.

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Nintendo violating patent, according to latest lawsuit

A California-based manufacturer of a detachable games console has sued video game giant Nintendo this week over an alleged case of patent infringement. Gamevice turn tablet computers into portable gaming devices and have owned the patent for the "Combination Computing...

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