The risks of C&D letters in IPR cases

Eric Su and Ms. Jessica Li from HongFangLaw focus on how to deal with sending C&D letters by reviewing the court decision that granted Shuanghuan Auto $2.5 million in monetary compensation

Reaching for (and owning) the stars – how IP laws play out in space

Dr. Stefan Paterson from Griffith Hack considers the complexity of intellectual property rights in relation to outer space and how current patent laws can be used to  protect space-related technology.

Three IP resolutions to drive IP management success in 2018

Vincent Brault from Anaqua highlights three key factors that IP managers should consider when formulating their strategy.

Benefits of design patents and protecting designs internationally

Steven Shape, managing partner at Dennemeyer & Associates, explores the positives and negatives of current design patent laws in the USA and under the Hague Agreement.

The Internet of Things: Big data, new patent licensing models and the role of standardization

by Claudia Tapia from Ericsson and Haris Tsilikas from Max Planck.

Clear or not clear? Clarity issues in Mexico

Romeo Chora from Dumont explores why clarity issues during substantive examination procedures in Mexico are causing delays and legal uncertainties.

The development of modern patent law

In the second of his three part series, Jan Hák, Ph.D., from Patentservis answers three important questions about patent law including what the subject of legal protection is, how long legal protection lasts, and patent ownership.

UPC to come into effect in 2018? Better be prepared!

Konstantin Schallmoser from Preu Bohlig & Partner explores the UPC agreement that will come into play this year and how you can efficiently prepare for this change.

Aqua Products: Amendments for the rest of us

Kenneth R. Adamo, Eugene Goryunov, and Noah S. Frank1
from Kirkland & Ellis LLP give an in-depth analysis on the recent Aqua Products case and its important impacts on PTAB practice.

CRISPR Technology gains Merck two more patents

The Korean Intellectual Property Office and the Israel Patent Office have each granted Merck's patent applications, this week. The applications that have been granted are for the company's CRISPR technology used in a genomic-integration method for eukaryotic cells....

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Gilead $2.54 billion jury verdict overturned by judge

A record-breaking jury verdict in December 2016 declared that Gilead has infringed on patents over its Hepatitis C Drugs sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) and ledipasvir/sofosbuvir (Harvoni) and was charged $2.54 billion. This was the largest ever in a U.S. Patent Case....

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