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Synamedia Joins LOT Network

First UK-headquartered video and pay-TV solutions provider to join the non-profit community London – October 8, 2020 – Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, today announced it has joined the global non-profit organization LOT Network as a...

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Good for the gander: patent owners face IPR estoppel, too

David L. McCombs, Theo Foster, Eugene Goryunov, Scott Jarratt and Calmann Clements examine the lesser-known estoppel and what the rule prohibits a Patent Owner from doing.

Strategic factors in the attack and defense of patent enforcement

Dr. Sergey Vasiliev, Partner at Gorodissky & Partners, considers the elements for both claimant and defendant in preparation for legal action.

Emerging technology: harvesting valuable inventions

Dr Robert Klinski, Managing Patent Attorney at Patentship, discusses the inventor’s dilemma surrounding the emerging technology stage and how the invention harvesting scheme can be of aid.

How can Utility Models provide protection to subjects with smaller levels of “inventiveness”?

Vítor Sérgio Moreira, Patent Engineer at Inventa International, provides a case study on utility models in Angola, Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal.

A glimpse into China’s Utility Model System

Lunwei Huang, Partner and Senior Patent Attorney at Beijing Sanyou IP Agency Ltd., explains why utility models are so attractive in China and discusses their advantages and disadvantages in comparison to invention patents.

Movement towards a paperless system: what does this mean for patent rules?

DPS Parmar, Special Counsel at LexOrbis, seeks clarity on “electronic transmission duly authenticated” in light of increasing use and COVID-19.

Finding the right Knowledge Management solution for you

Caitlin Kavanagh, Marketing Manager at Minesoft, explains how Pat-KM, Minesoft’s Knowledge Management solution, can make your workflow work for you.

SPC’s in Poland - where are we after 16 years??

Magdalena Tagowska, Head of Patents at Patpol, examines the progression of Supplementary Protection Certificate’s in Poland with an evaluation of their development over time.

Insolvable problems arise with common ownership of patents

Nataliya Nazarova, Agreement’s Lawyer at Zuykov & Partners LLC, explains the principles of co-ownership patents with advice on the drawbacks that must be considered.

The use of trademarks and logos in industrial designs in Brazil

Rhuan Quintanilha, Partner at Montaury Pimenta Machado & Vieira de Mello, assesses the pitfalls of the first edition of the Industrial Design Guidelines published by the INIP (2019) in Brazil.

Patent prosecution in Mexico in view of the new IP Law

Mr. Sergio L. Olivares and Mr. Mauricio Samano of OLIVARES examine how IMPI will assess double patenting and second generation voluntary divisional applications.

What you should know to be successful in IP litigation in Russia

Riikka Palmos, Senior Partner and Head of Trademark at Papula-Nevinpat, clarifies the Russian IP court system and discusses an alternative to enforce IP rights.

Chemical patents: peculiarities in Indian patent laws

Vidisha Garg, Partner at Anand and Anand, examines the clauses of the Indian Patent Act and the impact is has on the patentability of chemical and pharmaceutical inventions.

Trends in patent inventions for antibodybased drugs in Japan

Dr Wataru Nishii, Patent Engineer at Sonoda & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law, explores the patenting of antibody-based drugs with special reference to the recent court decisions for a monoclonal antibody recited in a ‘reach-through claim’.

Dealing with third-party patents in Europe

Sean Leach and Andrew White, Partners at Mathys & Squire, lay out a general roadmap to help non-European practitioners navigate the landscape.

UK Supreme Court’s increasing involvement in patent law set to continue?

Chris de Mauny, Senior Associate at Bird & Bird, examines the impact on patent enforcement following the latest rulings.

Startups – what you need to know

Tamara El-Shibib, Patent & Technology Transfer Consultant at Cedar White Bradley, outlines the key steps that startups can take to better manage their IP early and avoid costlier setbacks in the future.

Bazaar of bizarre inventions

Glen Kotapish, Founder of Planet Patent, shares some of his weird patent discoveries with a quest to continue the search.

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