Patents in 2019: Key developments to watch out for in the UK and beyond

Peter Damerell, Rajvinder Jagdev and Lin Liu of Powell Gilbert LLP forecast the coming patent landscape set out in 2019.

The proposed Affordable Drug Manufacturing Act: Friend or foe for biosimilars?

Ha Kung Wong and April Breyer Menon of Venable discuss how high barriers to biosimilar market entry may make government development and manufacturing challenging.

Service Provider Spotlight: IP management software

Our brand-new segment for The Patent Lawyer Magazine: Service Provider Spotlight. A holistic database for firms and companies to compare the listed systems. To kickstart our launching of the segment, this issue we’re showcasing two of the top companies and their systems for IP management software.

Who are today’s leading global innovators?

Daniel Videtto, President of Intellectual Property and Standards at Clarivate Analytics, examines and showcases the leading global innovators with the use of patent data.

The Monsanto judgment – a fresh lease of life for biotech innovations in the country

Managing Associate Udita M Patro and Partners Dhruv Anand and Shrawan Chopra of Anand & Anand discuss the Indian Supreme Court’s ruling on Monsanto and what this means for the country’s biotech.

The secret’s out – or is it?

Claire Phipps-Jones of Bristows LLP discusses the new Disclosure Pilot Scheme and how it will affect the disclosure obligations of practitioners and clients seeking to litigate patent claims in the UK Courts in the coming years.

Pre-Grant Opposition: An effective tool to ensure good quality of patents

Associate Manish Aryan and Associate Partner Varun Sharma of Lex Orbis discuss the benefits that pre-grant opposition has in ensuring quality patents.

Rankings: Middle East & Africa

Our focused list is derived from a multifaceted methodology, which uses months of industry research and feedback from our readers, clients, and esteemed connections around the world.

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Apple lose Qualcomm patent infringement case

Apple was ruled to have been infringing on three Qualcomm’s patents and needs to pay up, according to a recent court ruling. A jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of California found that Apple used three of Qualcomm technologies in a multitude of...

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