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Patent war looms as cannabis legalisation spreads

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana use in Canada indicates a broader trend of a move towards legalization, opening up a brand new multi-billion dollar market. Currently, 22 states in the USA have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, with nine states...

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Microsoft ends patent battle against Linux System

Microsoft has joined patent pool OIN and therefore given up its ability to sue users of Linux for infringing any of 90,000 or so patents it holds - 60,000 of which have been determined as a potential threat to Linux. OIN, a defensive patent platform with over 2,000...

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China calls out US IP criticisms as “groundless”

“groundless and untenable,” He Hua, deputy commissioner of the China National Intellectual Property Administration said of the US government’s criticism of China’s intellectual property protection. Hua, along with China’s International Trade Representative and deputy...

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EPO gets three new vice-presidents

Munich, 11 October 2018 – The Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation has appointed Stephen Rowan (UK), Christoph Ernst (Germany) and Nellie Simon (Austria) as the next vice-presidents of the European Patent Office (EPO). The appointments were made...

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Facebook and Instagram sued over GPS patents

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram are accused of infringing several GPS technologies related patents belonging to Corrino Holdings. Facebook stands accused of infringing four US patents, and Instagram, a subsidiary of the company, was accused of infringing...

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Microsoft joins LOT Network in an effort against patent trolls

Microsoft announced their joining of the LOT Network - the nonprofit organisation used to fight against patent trolls. Corporate vice president and deputy general counsel Erich Andersen Andersen stated the tech company was joining the network to aid the fight against...

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Drooms switches to Blockchain

London, 04 October 2018 – Drooms is moving its virtual data room (VDR) offering into the Blockchain age. As Europe’s leading VDR provider for the UK, Drooms is using this modern technology to enhance the security of transaction data archives. Until now, all data has...

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Toyota file patent for flying car

Toyota filed an application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a car that can transition from a road-legal passenger car to a light aircraft. The vehicle Toyota has thought of is a “dual-mode” vehicle with vertical take-off and landing capabilities...

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Federal appeals court overturns $234m suit against Apple

A federal appeals court has ruled in Apple’s favor in a $234 million patent dispute with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A 3-0 decision handed down by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the verdict. An additional $272 million which was added to...

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