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Uber applies for patent to detect drunk-ness!

Uber's popularity has been growing enormously since it began, as a safe way for people to get around. It is often used post-night out by people as a safe way of getting home and not drink-driving. Their growing interest in drunk passengers has been broadcast this week...

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Samsung reject $533 million decision

It was ruled last month by a US federal court that Samsung should pay Apple more than $533 million in damages for infringing on their patents linked to iPhones. The trial was a result of the US Supreme Court decision that kicked back the case to a lower court to...

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L’Oreal lose High Court battle with start-up company

A beauty start-up called Olapex has sued L'Oreal for infringing on a patent used in its hair lightening product. The product has been used by high-profile celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Tiegen. The lawsuit is being represented by Hogan...

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Deere takes legal action to protect product patents

Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) today took legal action against Precision Planting LLC and AGCO Corporation, claiming that the companies have infringed on 12 John Deere patents. The Deere patents relate to several of the unique and inventive aspects of John Deere planting...

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The European patent office has approved LIDDS’ patent

The European patent office has approved LIDDS' patent related to devices and methods of injection. The patent is now approved in all major markets and provides protection for all drug formulations based on the NanoZolid® technology. The patent describes devices and...

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Apple head back to court over touchscreen patents

Apple will have to resume a patent infringement lawsuit in North America over its iPhone touchscreens. The decision comes after an Appeals Court overturned the previous ruling dismissing the case, and commented on the "sloppy analysis" that led to the decision being...

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Xiaomi sued for alleged patent infringement

Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad Group said its unit has sued three group firms of Xiaomi, which last week filed for a Hong Kong IPO that could be worth up to $10 billion, for patent infringement. Coolpad said in a statement late on Thursday its subsidiary, Yulong...

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Apple and Samsung head back to court

BACK IN 2011, Apple sues Samsung for copying its iPhone designs. Now, a jury in San Jose, California, will once again review the arguments to make a decision on the final damages costs to be paid by Samsung. This is the third time the five patents in question have...

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Only 9% of UK patents are filed by women

Only 9% of patents filed in the UK are by women, research from WISE has revealed. This is compared to a global average of 30%. Encouragingly though, the research also found a 9% increase in the number of patents filed by women by publicly listed companies. This was...

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