China’s 100 most innovative companies in 2018

Clarivate Anayltics’ comprehensive report examines the most
innovative companies in China and the trends which are
accompanying the growth.

Blockchain technology in the context of intellectual property

Dominik Thor, CEO and founder of Vaultitude, highlights the
efficiency of Blockchain and the additional benefits it brings
in the management and protection of IP.

$50m of your profit is lost to banks: Here’s how to take it back

Wolfgang Danner of Billtrader Pty Ltd outlines the huge monetary loss IP professionals are currently facing and details the Billtrader platform that has helped companies find a solution to these age-old problems.

The USMCA: Good news for intellectual property rights holders

A multi-disciplined team from Torys explain the changes UMSCA has brought to Canadian IP law.

Eligibility Examination at the USPTO compared with the EPO

Michael Stott and Sean Leach, Partners at Mathys & Squire, highlight the differences of Eligibility Examination as they currently work in the USPTO and EPO.

Shifting sands of claim construction at the PTAB

Partners Ken Adamo and Eugene Goryunov, and Associates Brian A. Verbus and Bruce H. Ratain in the Chicago office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP, examine the processes and past case studies that highlight claim construction at PTAB.

IP Trend Monitor: The impact of digitalization on the management of IP

A joint effort of the Dennemeyer Group and CTC Legal Media, the first “IP Trend Monitor” study is focused on the impact of digitalization on the management of IP.

Keeping generics off the market under German law

Dr. Johannes Druschel, associate, and Christoph Krieger,
a research fellow at Baker McKenzie, highlight the laws which
keep generics off the German market.

Patent application and prosecution in the African Union

Henry Feh, Partner at SCP Global Africa IP, highlights the
patent application and prosecution in the African Union by
discussing how to proceed with each of them.

Overview of practice matters after amendments of Russian legislation

Elena L. Davydova of INEUREKA LLC Patent Department discusses practice matters after recently introduced amendments of Russian legislation, and how to maximize the procedure.

Appeal on patent and other IP cases will be heard by the Supreme Court

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Zheng of Unitalen comment on the new
decision by the National People’s Congress to give IP cases
hearings with the Supreme Court.

German case law on infringement and validity: Update on notable decisions

Stefan Schohe and Michael Rüberg of Boehmert & Boehmert summarize rulings on infringement by foreign companies, injunctions in FRAND cases and other notable decisions.

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