Apple to close two stores in supposed effort against patent trolls

Apple to close two stores in supposed effort against patent trolls

Apple is closing two of its stores in Dallas in an apparent bid to ward off litigation from patent trolls. The stores closing on April 12th will supposedly make it easier for Apple to resist being pulled into Eastern District courtrooms in patent cases. The move...

PTAB reject invalidation claim of Finjan patent

Finjan Holdings, and its subsidiary Finjan, Inc., announced that the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board entered a Decision Denying Institution of Inter Partes Review against Juniper Networks. Juniper brought a petition which...

ANAQUA to Manage Sony Mobile’s IP for SONY

Intellectual property management solutions company Anaqua today announced that multinational technology company Sony has selected the company to manage patent and trademark portfolios for Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”). Sony Mobile is a wholly owned...

Apple lose Qualcomm patent infringement case

Apple was ruled to have been infringing on three Qualcomm’s patents and needs to pay up, according to a recent court ruling. A jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of California found that Apple used three of Qualcomm technologies in a multitude of...

Sanofi and Regeneron lose patent dispute over cholesterol drug

The U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware upheld Amgen’s patent on the cholesterol drug Repatha, rejecting the challenge by Sanofi and Regeneron. Repatha, a monoclonal antibody designed to inhibit PCSK9 from binding to the low-density lipoprotein (LDL)...

Murgitroyd Group buy Chapman IP for £6.6M

Chapman IP sold on Monday to Murgitroyd Group for £6.6m. Chapman IP has been working with IP for the past 15 years and has serviced a broad mix of clients. Following the acquisition, Helga Chapman stepped down as managing director and has now taken a position as...

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CPA Global announce merger with ipan/Delegate group

IP management and technology businesses CPA Global and ipan/Delegate Group yesterday announced their agreement to merge. The merger will combine the two companies and give customers from both CPA Global and ipan/Delegate Group the group’s combined capabilities, which...

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U.S. Supreme Court rejects Helsinn over anti-nausea drug

In a victory for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the U.S. Supreme Court today refused to revive Helsinn Healthcare S.A.’s patent on an anti-nausea drug Aloxi. The decision was unanimously upheld in a lower court ruling which canceled Helsinn’s patent on the drug for...

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2018 Patent Analysis

As we prepare our 2018 year in review of the USPTO patent and publication statistics, we see a year where patent quality and utility to the patent owner is more important than ever. This results in little movement in the overall numbers, but what we believe is likely...

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German court dismisses latest Qualcomm suit against Apple

A German court dismissed Qualcomm's latest patent suit against Apple on Tuesday in the latest chapter in the Apple - Qualcomm saga. The case relates to bulk tension in iPhones. The ruling comes from a regional court in Mannheim, and states Apple didn't infringe...

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Nichia starts to enforce PSS technology-related patents

Nichia Corporation filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court against Corlant Inc. (“Corlant”), a distributor of automotive aftermarket parts under the brand of Valenti, seeking an injunction and compensation for damages. The accused product,...

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Qualcomm claim Apple’s iOS 12.1.2 still violates iPhone ban

Apple today released iOS 12.1.2 which carries software changes to address the contentious patent which is involved with their ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm. The iOS update reportedly fixes issues addressed with the patent, however, Qualcomm says it violates the...

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Silence Therapeutics settles dispute with Alnylam

Silence Therapeutics stated its ongoing patent dispute with Alnylam Pharmaceutics Inc has ended after they issued a license to the US-listed company to sell the Onpattro drug. The company, which develops technology to silence defective genes, alleged that the Onpattro...

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Apple and Qualcomm set court date for April

The increasingly lengthy saga between tech giant Apple and mobile chip maker Qualcomm seems to have an end in sight as a date is now set for a courtroom battle in April. The ongoing case is fought over multiple patents and royalties lawsuits between the two companies...

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Neal Gerber Eisenberg gains former Kirkland & Ellis partner

Neal Gerber Eisenberg today announced the addition of Ian J. Block as a partner in the Intellectual Property practice group. Block recently joined Neal Gerber Eisenberg from Kirkland & Ellis LLP, where he was a partner. Block has extensive experience representing...

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IBM files Blockchain patent for scientific research

IT giant IBM filed a new patent that indicates interest in using blockchain technology to support scientific research and reporting. The filing - initially submitted in December - surfaced last week, and shows IBM continuing to pursue the use of blockchain technology...

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Dennemeyer acquire AI patent search start-up Octimine

The Dennemeyer Group has purchased Munich-based start-up patent search service provider Octimine Technologies. Founded in 2015 founded by former LMU Munich and Max Planck Institute scientists Michael Natterer, Matthias Pötzl and Dietmar Harhoff, Octimine provides...

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Patents in 2019: Key developments to watch out for in the UK and beyond

Peter Damerell, Rajvinder Jagdev and Lin Liu of Powell Gilbert LLP forecast the coming patent landscape set out in 2019.

The proposed Affordable Drug Manufacturing Act: Friend or foe for biosimilars?

Ha Kung Wong and April Breyer Menon of Venable discuss how high barriers to biosimilar market entry may make government development and manufacturing challenging.

Service Provider Spotlight: IP management software

Our brand-new segment for The Patent Lawyer Magazine: Service Provider Spotlight. A holistic database for firms and companies to compare the listed systems. To kickstart our launching of the segment, this issue we’re showcasing two of the top companies and their systems for IP management software.

Who are today’s leading global innovators?

Daniel Videtto, President of Intellectual Property and Standards at Clarivate Analytics, examines and showcases the leading global innovators with the use of patent data.

The Monsanto judgment – a fresh lease of life for biotech innovations in the country

Managing Associate Udita M Patro and Partners Dhruv Anand and Shrawan Chopra of Anand & Anand discuss the Indian Supreme Court’s ruling on Monsanto and what this means for the country’s biotech.

The Monsanto judgment – a fresh lease of life for biotech innovations in the country

Managing Associate Udita M Patro and Partners Dhruv Anand and Shrawan Chopra of Anand & Anand discuss the Indian Supreme Court’s ruling on Monsanto and what this means for the country’s biotech.

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