UK Queen approves Patent Court judge for Court of Appeals

UK Queen approves Patent Court judge for Court of Appeals

UK Queen Elizabeth II has approved the appointment of judge Richard Arnold to the UK Court of Appeals. Arnold had previously served as a High Court of Justice judge in the Chancery Division from 2008 and was appointed judge in charge of the Patents Court in April...

R&D intensive organisations lobby policy makers in Europe

IP Europe – a coalition of R&D intensive organisations in Europe whose inventions are protected by Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) – has launched policy recommendations calling on European policymakers to prioritise IP protection at the highest political level...

Apple sued for infringement of low-power mode

Apple is in the midst of legal action by Location Based Technologies (LBT) for allegedly infringing a patent related to the 'low-power mode' and 'facedown detection' features in various iPhones and iPads models. Filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of...

CPA Global and Brügmann enter partnership on IP tech

IP technology leader CPA Global today announces a new partnership with Brügmann Software GmbH, which aims to optimize and connect law firms and in-house IP teams to the patent renewals management services around the world through a joint technical interface and secure...

Fellows IP Salary Survey 2019

The results of the intellectual property salary survey are now live! Teaming up with The Patent Lawyer Magazine, this report presents data from a salary survey of the intellectual property profession which was collected over a six-week period from the 1 st of May 2019...

PCT Network announces partnership for managing renewal payments

The PCT Network announces partnership with The International Renewals Group to manage patent and trademark renewal payments with full transparency and accountability. The partnership enables law firms and companies with extensive intellectual property to optimize and...

Vectura awarded $89.7M in patent litigation against GSK

Vectura has won the U.S. GlaxoSmithKline patent litigation trial and has been awarded $89.7million in damages. Vectura filed a patent infringement lawsuit against GSK In July 2016, claiming that GSK infringed a patent covering three important GSK medications used to...

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Qualcomm claim Apple’s iOS 12.1.2 still violates iPhone ban

Apple today released iOS 12.1.2 which carries software changes to address the contentious patent which is involved with their ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm. The iOS update reportedly fixes issues addressed with the patent, however, Qualcomm says it violates the...

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Silence Therapeutics settles dispute with Alnylam

Silence Therapeutics stated its ongoing patent dispute with Alnylam Pharmaceutics Inc has ended after they issued a license to the US-listed company to sell the Onpattro drug. The company, which develops technology to silence defective genes, alleged that the Onpattro...

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Apple and Qualcomm set court date for April

The increasingly lengthy saga between tech giant Apple and mobile chip maker Qualcomm seems to have an end in sight as a date is now set for a courtroom battle in April. The ongoing case is fought over multiple patents and royalties lawsuits between the two companies...

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Neal Gerber Eisenberg gains former Kirkland & Ellis partner

Neal Gerber Eisenberg today announced the addition of Ian J. Block as a partner in the Intellectual Property practice group. Block recently joined Neal Gerber Eisenberg from Kirkland & Ellis LLP, where he was a partner. Block has extensive experience representing...

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IBM files Blockchain patent for scientific research

IT giant IBM filed a new patent that indicates interest in using blockchain technology to support scientific research and reporting. The filing - initially submitted in December - surfaced last week, and shows IBM continuing to pursue the use of blockchain technology...

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Dennemeyer acquire AI patent search start-up Octimine

The Dennemeyer Group has purchased Munich-based start-up patent search service provider Octimine Technologies. Founded in 2015 founded by former LMU Munich and Max Planck Institute scientists Michael Natterer, Matthias Pötzl and Dietmar Harhoff, Octimine provides...

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Qualcomm claim Apple Owes $7bn In Royalties

The Legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple continues, as the Telecomms company now claims the tech giant owes it $7bn in overdue royalty payments. Qualcomm reportedly discussed Apple’s unpaid royalties in a hearing in one of the cases in federal court in San Diego....

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Final victory of Nichia in infringement proceeding in Germany

On October 1, 2018, only a few weeks prior to the oral hearing at the Düsseldorf Court of Appeal in Germany scheduled for 18 October 2018, WOFI Leuchten Wortmann & Filz GmbH (“WOFI”) has completely withdrawn its appeal (docket number I-2 U 33/17) against the...

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Tax and IP firms team up to help UK businesses

Manchester, 30 October 2018 - Specialist tax relief consultancy, Catax, has announced a collaboration with leading intellectual property firm Keltie LLP (‘Keltie’) to help UK businesses get the most out of innovation. Catax assists businesses with the complex process...

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Patent war looms as cannabis legalisation spreads

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana use in Canada indicates a broader trend of a move towards legalization, opening up a brand new multi-billion dollar market. Currently, 22 states in the USA have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, with nine states...

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IP considerations surrounding 5G

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology standards, developed under the aegis of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a consortium of telecommunication standard development organizations.

Standing to appeal a PTAB determination: Injury-In-Fact?

Any person, who is not the Patent Owner, may challenge a patent at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) in an inter partes review (“IPR”)1. A petitioner is not required to show that it has suffered an injury-in-fact before challenging a patent.

FRAND developments in the UK – not such a ZyXEL-ent outcome

As technology patent lawyers in the UK and beyond await the Supreme Court’s view on Unwired Planet v Huawei, the approach adopted by Mr Justice Birss in that case has already prompted a raft of further litigation in relation to Standards Essential Patents (SEPs) and Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) licence terms.

Oracle’s licensing and auditing setbacks in the EU

For many years running, Oracle Corporation has been near the head of the pack when it comes to frequency and aggressiveness of software licensing audits. And, while much has been written about Oracle’s well-honed “audit script” and the alienating effect its audits have on its long-term customers, there is little sign that Oracle intends to curb this deeply unpopular behavior.

Why a joined-up approach is key to effective litigation

Alnylam is developing revolutionary medicinal products, one of which has regulatory approval, with others close behind. Its opponent, Silence Therapeutics PLC (“Silence”), a UK-based biopharmaceutical company, publicly asserted that Alnylam’s products infringed its patents and it would enforce such rights against Alnylam.

Cancelled flight? This is not the end of

Disputes settled by the EPO can drag on for years. These are years of arguments, strategies and misunderstandings. Each party fights to the end, because there are usually big sums hidden behind patents. Usually, at the end of the opposition or appeal proceedings, the parties are summoned to oral proceedings, in which an unending dispute is arranged in a single day.

The Europe patent rankings 2019

All firms are ranked top 10 in their jurisdiction but are displayed alphabetically to avoid bias.

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