Nokia updates 5G patent declaration

Nokia updates 5G patent declaration

A year on from making a similar announcement back in September 2018, Nokia has stated that, as of October 2019, it has declared to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) that it has identified over 2,000 “patent families” as being “essential” for...

EA accused of in-game currency infringement

EA accused of in-game currency infringement

Videogame developer and publisher EA has been accused of patent infringement by Stone Interactive Ventures (SIV) in proceedings launched by the latter in the US courts. It is understood that SIV is acting, at least in part, for Intellectual Ventures Assets (IVA), a...

Huawei tries to spoil Transsion’s big day

Huawei tries to spoil Transsion’s big day

Chinese mobile giant Huawei has launched an apparently deliberately timed patent and copyright infringement broadside against rival Transsion, just as the latter goes public on the Chinese-equivalent of the Nasdaq stock exchange. Transsion is a Chinese manufacturer of...

UK Labour Party proposes compulsory drug licensing

UK Labour Party proposes compulsory drug licensing

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK Labour Party, has told his party’s annual conference that a Labour Government would introduce compulsory drug licensing “to secure generic versions of patented medicines”. Under the proposed system, a state-owned pharmaceutical...

Bridgestone wins against Chinese tire manufacturers

Bridgestone wins against Chinese tire manufacturers

Japanese auto parts and tires manufacturer Bridgestone Corporation has won patent infringement proceedings against Shengtai Group and Shandong Shengshi Tailai Rubber Technology, two Chinese tire makers. The proceedings concerned Bridgestone’s “Blizzak VRX” tire, which...

L’Oreal Stole Trade Secrets Rules US Court

French multinational L’Oreal has been ordered to pay damages of over $91 million to Olaplex, a small company that employs less than thirty staff, after a federal court in the US found that L’Oreal had stolen Olaplex’s trade secrets and infringed two of its patents....

Decisive patent victory for Amgen’s rheumatoid arthritis drug

American biopharmaceutical giant Amgen has won the latest round in its battle to protect its rheumatoid arthritis drug Enbrel from market competition by biosimilar medications. Sandoz, a subsidiary of Swiss multinational Novartis, failed in its bid before the New...

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Sanofi and Regeneron lose patent dispute over cholesterol drug

The U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware upheld Amgen’s patent on the cholesterol drug Repatha, rejecting the challenge by Sanofi and Regeneron. Repatha, a monoclonal antibody designed to inhibit PCSK9 from binding to the low-density lipoprotein (LDL)...

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Murgitroyd Group buy Chapman IP for £6.6M

Chapman IP sold on Monday to Murgitroyd Group for £6.6m. Chapman IP has been working with IP for the past 15 years and has serviced a broad mix of clients. Following the acquisition, Helga Chapman stepped down as managing director and has now taken a position as...

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Amazon files application for facial identifying patent

Amazon has filed a patent application with the USPTO for a technology that could use visual cues - like your eyes and face - to ascertain your job and potentially track you as you move around. The patent application was filed in August 2017 and made public on...

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Apple resume iPhone sales in Germany after Qualcomm ruling

Apple said it will continue selling older iPhone models in its German stores, despite being banned due to a patent infringement ruling. The iPhones to be sold in Germany will have chips from Qualcomm, instead of a mix of chips from Qualcomm and Intel Corp. Apple said...

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MorphoSys settles patent lawsuit with Janssen and Genmab

MorphoSys AG announced that its lawsuit against Janssen Biotech and Genmab A/S has been settled. The parties have agreed to drop the mutual claims related to this litigation. MorphoSys filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Delaware against Janssen Biotech, and...

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Spotify sued for alleged infringement of Yahoo! patents

Spotify is being sued by IP company Excalibur IP for allegedly infringing on patents held by Yahoo!. Excalibur IP filled a lawsuit with the District of Delaware Court on January 28. The complaint accuses Spotify of infringing on four patents which were created at...

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Apple secures win against Qualcomm in latest ruling

Apple secured a victory in their ongoing dispute with Qualcomm, after a German court rejected four out of eight infringement claims. The district court found no infringement of the patents. which are related to on-device search. However, the judgment is not final. No...

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Court rejects Indivior Suboxone appeal

British pharma company Indivior has suffered a setback as U.S. Federal Court of Appeal rejected their request for another hearing on whether its patents were infringed by a low-cost alternative developed by Dr Reddy. The decision clears the way for India’s Dr Reddy’s...

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Japan to consider factory raids in patent litigation

Proposed by the Japan Patent Office, a new law could see courts appoint a neutral expert to search factories for evidence of patent infringement. Patent cases in Japan usually require a high burden of proof on the party claiming infringement. Courts can, however,...

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CPA Global announce merger with ipan/Delegate group

IP management and technology businesses CPA Global and ipan/Delegate Group yesterday announced their agreement to merge. The merger will combine the two companies and give customers from both CPA Global and ipan/Delegate Group the group’s combined capabilities, which...

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U.S. Supreme Court rejects Helsinn over anti-nausea drug

In a victory for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the U.S. Supreme Court today refused to revive Helsinn Healthcare S.A.’s patent on an anti-nausea drug Aloxi. The decision was unanimously upheld in a lower court ruling which canceled Helsinn’s patent on the drug for...

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2018 Patent Analysis

As we prepare our 2018 year in review of the USPTO patent and publication statistics, we see a year where patent quality and utility to the patent owner is more important than ever. This results in little movement in the overall numbers, but what we believe is likely...

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German court dismisses latest Qualcomm suit against Apple

A German court dismissed Qualcomm's latest patent suit against Apple on Tuesday in the latest chapter in the Apple - Qualcomm saga. The case relates to bulk tension in iPhones. The ruling comes from a regional court in Mannheim, and states Apple didn't infringe...

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Nichia starts to enforce PSS technology-related patents

Nichia Corporation filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court against Corlant Inc. (“Corlant”), a distributor of automotive aftermarket parts under the brand of Valenti, seeking an injunction and compensation for damages. The accused product,...

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Innovation, IP and Reverse Engineering in 3D NAND Technology

Martin Bijman, Director of IP Products at TechInsights, takes a look at the IP issues presented by the growing NAND SSD market.

The doctrine of equivalents – a late summer picnic of updates

Rachel Mumby and Chloe Dickson of Bristows discuss developments in the doctrine of equivalents following the Supreme Court’s judgment in Actavis v Eli Lilly.

The doctrine of equivalence – Actavis v Eli Lilly in France and Germany

CMS discusses the extent to which the interpretation and application of the doctrine of equivalence has brought UK law into line with the approach elsewhere in Europe.

Global trends on plant variety protection

Enriqueta Molina of Santamarina + Steta explains why protecting the intellectual property in plant varieties is becoming ever-more critical.

Brazilian patent examination backlog: a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel

Ana Jardim and Herminia Mendes of Luiz Leonardos & Advogados consider a new approach to dealing with Brazil’s notorious backlog of patent applications.

Can Artificial Intelligence be an inventor?

Malcolm Dowden, Legal Director of Womble Bond Dickinson, examines the far-reaching implications of any attempt to recognize an Artificial Intelligence as an ‘inventor’.

Stop being a bank for your foreign agents

Justin Simpson, CEO of Billtrader, reflects on the circumstances and objectives that drove the creation of the Billtrader platform.

Allowance of disclaimers in patent application

Dr. Neetu Kumari, Managing Associate of LexOrbis, takes a look at the role of disclaimers in patent applications in India.

Unity of invention in Mexico

Edith Rivero from the IP firm Dumont comments on current Mexican practice regarding unity of invention for patents.

More inventions survive invalidation in China

Yuan Yue from CCPIT looks into changing invalidation rates in China, analyzes the reasons, and gives a coping strategy.

Introduction of on-site inspection system in Japan

Osamu Yamamoto, partner at Yuasa and Hara, explores the introduction of an on-site inspection system by the partially amended Patent Act in Japan.

Sweden is the innovation leader in the European Union

Maria Zamkova, CEO of Fenix Legal, discusses Sweden’s ongoing Industry 4.0 success.

Damages in China: Increasingly pro-plaintiff

Guanbin Xie of Lifang & Partners discusses the way damages are awarded in patent actions in China.

The Supreme Court of Russia considers the scope for patent amendments

Nikolay Bogdanov of Gorodissky & Partners examines the complex issues that arose in a Russian patent dispute.

Overview of the cannabis reform in Mexico and its implications in patent protection

Erika Alejandra Paz Noguez and Anna Edith Arroyo Vela of Uhthoff give an overview of the development of the legal framework surrounding cannabis patents in Mexico.

The protection of interests in legal arguments on the use of intellectual property assets

Alexandra Pelikh, Head of Legal Department at Zuykov and partners, looks at the issues which arise during IP proceedings in the Russian courts.

Delhi High Court directs Property Appellate Board to hear urgent matter with technical expert

Vidisha Garg of Anand and Anand examines the challenges that continue to face the functioning of the Indian Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

Patent damages on foreign sales given domestic acts of infringement

Pat Breslin of Breslin Consulting looks at the potential for extraterritorial reach of US patent law addressed in a recent decision by the US Supreme Court.

Medicaments patents in the context of the ARIPO and its Contracting States

Vitor Sérgio Moreira, Patent Engineer at Inventa International, explains the status of medicament patents granted by ARIPO in Contracting States.

Patent Working Statement: A mandatory obligation in India

Dominic Alvares and Vilas Shetty of S. MAJUMDAR & CO review the Patent Working Statement, a mandatory requirement unique to Indian IP law.

The current scenario for protecting and enforcing inventions in Mexico

Sergio L. Olivares, Jr, Mauricio Samano and Omar Serrano of OLIVARES take a look at the changing IP landscape Mexico.

Some practical aspects regarding Industrial Designs in Russia

Elena L. Davydova, Chief of the Patent Department at IN!EUREKA LLC, looks at the issues surrounding the protection of Industrial Designs under Russian Law.

The company behind Zero-Failure renewals

Behind the scenes at IP Centrum.

Hullabaloo over Working Statement under the Indian Patent Act

Ranjan Narula, Managing Partner, and Suvarna Pandey, Managing Associate of RNA, Technology and IP Attorneys, sum up industry reaction to the Indian Patent Act Working Statement.

German case law on infringement and validity: a further update

Ute Kilger and Michael Rüberg, partners with Boehmert & Boehmert, summarize recent rulings on claim construction, FRAND and other notable decisions.

Developments in patent matters in Hungary

Gábor Germus, managing partner at Germus and Partners, looks at how patent case law has developed in recent months.

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