Published July 24, 2023

Real-time data confirms confidence in new system

Munich, 24 July 2023 –The EPO has published today a dashboard which offers a timely snapshot of applicants’ eagerness to opt for the Unitary Patent. The interactive display breaks down requests for Unitary Patents by technology field, country of origin,  language of translation, proprietors’ profile and status of registration. This information is updated daily. The dashboard reflects the EPO’s ongoing commitment to promote awareness of the new system to users and the public while also highlighting the advantages it offers to innovators, especially to smaller entities.

“The dashboard will create transparency by providing relevant information on how the take-up of the Unitary Patent is evolving,” remarks EPO President António Campinos. “It covers relevant parameters for users to gain a comprehensive overview of the attractiveness of the Unitary Patent to innovating businesses from around the globe. Current data is highly promising with 670 requests filed on average per week since 1 June, demonstrating high interest in the new system.” 

Since the Unitary Patent system entered into force on 1 June 2023, the EPO has received a steady flow of requests each week from applicants seeking to benefit from greater country coverage (17 participating states so far) and enjoy the reduction in overhead costs and administration afforded by the new patent regime.

The launch of the Unitary Patent system marks a historic step forward in the completion of the Internal Market and ushers in a new era for the protection of innovations in Europe. By introducing a single patent covering a territory of seventeen states, at present, and by creating a single legal body, the Unified Patent Court, to settle disputes across the participating territories, the Unitary Patent system represents a game changer for patent protection and enforcement in Europe elevating the region’s attractiveness for investment, innovation and economic development. The new regime represents the single most important development in the European patent system in the last 50 years since the signing of the European Patent Convention on 5 October 1973, a landmark that will be celebrated later this year.

Additional Information

UP (Unitary Patent) dashboard 

Unitary Patent 

European Patent Register  

Unified Patent Court


A look back at 50 years of European patents

In 2023 the EPO celebrates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the European patent system. When 16 countries signed the European Patent Convention in Munich on 5 October 1973, they ushered in a new era of co-operation on patents. This laid the ground for a patent system supporting economic and technological developments that have shaped our lives and continue to do so today. Find out more about the history of the EPO and anniversary events planned in 2023.


About the EPO

With 6 300 staff members, the European Patent Office (EPO) is one of the largest public service institutions in Europe. Headquartered in Munich with offices in Berlin, Brussels, The Hague and Vienna, the EPO was founded with the aim of strengthening co-operation on patents in Europe. Through the EPO’s centralized patent granting procedure, inventors are able to obtain high-quality patent protection in up to 44 countries, covering a market of some 700 million people. The EPO is also the world’s leading authority in patent information and patent searching.

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