Mewburn Ellis’ Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer Robert Andrews, a partner in the firm’s Chemical and Life Sciences practice, has been appointed as a new member of IP Inclusive Management, the governing body of IP Inclusive, a UK-based organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the intellectual property (IP) industry.

As a member of IP Inclusive’s governing body, Robert will help the organization achieve its goals of promoting diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing in the UK’s IP industry. IP Inclusive aims to create a more diverse and inclusive profession, where everyone is able to achieve their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances. The organization provides support, resources, and training to IP professionals, and works with employers to create more inclusive workplaces.

Robert has been with Mewburn Ellis for over 15 years and has been a partner for eight years. He is a well-respected figure in the Life Sciences industry, focusing his practice on the biopharma sector with a principal specialization in oncology.

Robert joined Mewburn Ellis’ Management Board in 2022 in the newly created management role of Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer. In this role, Robert leads the development and implementation of the firm’s ongoing Inclusion & Diversity strategy, ensuring that an ongoing commitment to workplace inclusion is embedded at the highest levels and translated into tangible change across the organization.

Mewburn Ellis is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the IP industry. In 2019, the firm’s board signed the IP Inclusive Senior Leaders’ Pledge, which commits signatories to take action to improve diversity and inclusion in their organizations. The firm has also established a DEI Committee, which is working to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Each and every measure to better workplace inclusion and diversity has the potential to profoundly shape an individual’s career, as I have experienced first-hand, so the opportunity to work with IP Inclusive Management to galvanize and scale a meaningful diversity and inclusion agenda across the IP industry is a proud milestone,” said Mewburn Ellis Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer Robert Andrews.The IP Inclusive Management team have driven important changes at the heart of our industry and I am looking forward to working alongside an impressive membership committee to further support their efforts.”

“Robert Andrews championing of diversity and inclusion has been a force for good within our team, and his appointed as a member of IP Inclusive Management is a testament to his commitment to creating a profession where everyone can bring their full selves to work,” said Mewburn Ellis Managing Partner Richard Clegg. “At Mewburn Ellis, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the IP industry, and we believe that organizations like IP Inclusive Management play an important role in achieving this goal. We look forward to supporting Robert in his work with the organization.”

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Mewburn Ellis is Europe’s forward-looking IP firm, offering a full range of IP services covering patents, trademarks, and designs. The firm provides bespoke, flexible IP solutions to domestic and international clients, for the present and for the future. Clients include start-ups and innovative challenger brands, research institutions, and universities, through to multinationals and many of the world’s most well-respected IP and law firms. Mewburn Ellis operates from offices in London, Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester and Munich.


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