IP firm announces new role alongside launch of Inclusion & Diversity Collaboration Group

robert andrewsIntellectual property firm Mewburn Ellis recently announced the appointment of its Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Robert Andrews, as well as the launch of its Inclusion & Diversity Collaboration Group.

Robert will join the Management Board as Mewburn Ellis’ first ever Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, a new top-level management role created as part of the firm’s ongoing Inclusion & Diversity strategy. He will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of the strategy and ensuring the firm maintains focus and momentum at the highest level.

Robert joined Mewburn Ellis over 15 years ago, joining the partnership in 2015. Within the Life Sciences team, Robert’s practice focuses on the biopharma sector, principally with companies in the oncology sector.

As part of his new role, Robert will be leading Mewburn Ellis’ recently assembled Inclusion & Collaboration Group, which will be a forum empowering the firm’s people to take an active role in building and delivering the firm’s Inclusion & Diversity initiatives. The Group has 12 inaugural members.

Mewburn Ellis is proud of its achievements to date in workplace inclusivity, with gender diversity a particular strength (~1/3 men and ~2/3 women across the firm as a whole as at end April 2021). However, we want to build on this by pushing forward our diversity and inclusion efforts across all areas.

Mewburn Ellis is working with D&I specialist consultants Brook Graham and recently undertook an audit of its existing culture, processes and practices to help create a tailored Inclusion & Diversity strategy for the firm. Mewburn Ellis is also a corporate sponsor of IP Inclusive, a network of IP industry stakeholders formed with the aim of making the UK’s IP sector more inclusive, diverse, open, and fair. As part of that commitment, our entire Management Board has signed up to the IP Inclusive Senior Leader’s Pledge.


Mewburn Ellis Managing Partner Richard Clegg, commented:

“For us, inclusion and diversity is more than just a tick-box exercise – it is an issue that’s long been on our agenda and is becoming increasingly ingrained in our business plan and imbedded in our culture. We strive to be leaders in this area, and whilst we have made strong progress to date, there is always more that can be done. The introduction of this new role, along with the I&D Collaboration Group, will help drive this forward and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. 

“Rob is passionate about inclusion and diversity and has a wealth of relevant knowledge, insight and experience that will help translate our goals and values into tangible changes within the firm. We look forward to seeing what comes next.”

Mewburn Ellis Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer Robert Andrews, commented:

“The drive for greater workplace inclusion and diversity is a cause with deep resonance for me, with our progress to date in this area playing an important part in my own personal journey. I know from experience how empowering it is to be able to be your authentic self at work, and to be valued for it.  I am therefore very excited to join the Management Board in this key new position and work with our I&D Collaboration Group to deliver that empowerment for all our people.”




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