IP firm advises the company behind the Spéirling electric hypercar which has just beaten the Goodwood Hillclimb record

European IP firm Mewburn Ellis has advised British company McMurtry Automotive (“McMurtry”) on the patents behind the record-breaking Spéirling hypercar.

On Sunday the single-seat electric concept car, driven by Formula 1 driver Max Chilton, completed the Goodwood Hillclimb in 39.08 seconds, decisively beating the previous record of 39.9 seconds set in 2019.

The Spéirling uses radical innovation to achieve cornering speeds rarely seen in a car. The crucial element here is a pair of fans which create a suction to the tarmac, helping to create over two tonnes of downward force at the press of a button. A version of the fan technology was trialled by legendary F1 car designer Gordon Murray in 1978 to astonishing results, which led to it being banned by F1 thereafter.

The Spéirling revisits this technology and re-invents it for the 21st century, combining it with a propulsive electric motor that provides instant torque, within an ultralight carbon fibre chassis. This combination enables the car to reach ultra-high speeds within a short distance: over 200mph top speed, and 0-60mph in under two seconds.

McMurtry has indicated that it is planning a second model of the Spéirling in addition to which it will be launching a limited edition street-legal version for collectors.

McMurtry was founded in 2016 by leading Irish automotive innovator Sir David McMurtry. The car is named after the Irish word for thunderstorm, evoking the jet engine-level noise created by the fans.

Mewburn Ellis has advised the engineers at McMurtry since inception, using their knowledge of the high-end automotive sector to develop patents that will protect McMurtry’s innovation in years to come.

The firm also supported Spéirling in its Goodwood Festival of Speed appearance this year. Mewburn Ellis branding was displayed on the car, near the innovation they’ve helped to protect.

Elizabeth Maclennan, Project Manager at McMurtry said:

“Watching the Spéirling break the record yesterday was the culmination of several years’ work and needless to say we as a team are incredibly proud. We would like to thank the team at Mewburn Ellis for their support every step of the way.”

Simon Parry, Partner at Mewburn Ellis, said:

“This is a huge achievement for us, for British automotive innovation and for electric vehicles as a whole. It’s been a privilege to work with the McMurtry team from the very beginning and to watch the Spéirling become the car it is today.”


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