Following on from the questionnaire conducted earlier this year, the IPO has analyzed responses and published a summary of responses.

Predicting the growing importance of SEPs in the future of the UK economy, the Government is focused on implementing a balanced and fair framework, supporting the needs of innovators and consumers no matter the size of the business.

An IPO Spokesperson said:
“Technologies are evolving and becoming more widespread in all our daily activities. More businesses are becoming likely to interact with Standard Essential Patents when they wish to innovate a product requiring the use of technical standards.

We are grateful to all those who took the time to complete our questionnaire. This has helped enable us to hear a broad range of views on the SEPs ecosystem and some of the challenges faced by industry.

The Government will consider the responses as part of its policy development and present its overall findings to Ministers later this year. Any options for intervention will be subject to public consultation.”



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