Dublin presence consolidates the firm’s role in the UPC

LONDON, 31 May 2023: Leading IP law firm Powell Gilbert today announces the launch of a new office in Dublin to support the firm’s work in advising and representing clients before the Unified Patent Court (UPC). This will complement the firm’s existing practice which has a preeminent reputation for UK patent litigation and for developing and implementing Europe-wide patent litigation strategies for its clients.

The Unified Patent Court Agreement was signed in February 2013 by 25 EU member states, including the Republic of Ireland. The UPC will officially launch on 1 June 2023. It creates a single patent jurisdiction across a significant portion of the European market. An initial 17 EU member states are initially participating, with a further seven countries still to ratify. The Irish Government has confirmed its intention to participate in the UPC and Unitary Patent system and will hold a referendum to ratify the UPC Agreement later this year or in 2024.

The firm will operate in Ireland as Powell Gilbert (Europe) LLP, with each of the firm’s 14 partners admitted to practice in Ireland.  Lawyers authorized to practice in Ireland will be able to represent clients in the UPC.

Powell Gilbert will continue to work closely with its extensive network of leading European IP litigators. Working alongside local counsel, the firm will bring to bear its wealth of patent litigation experience, and access to a deep bench of technically qualified lawyers, to build the best teams to implement bespoke UPC strategies, bearing in mind the potential to litigate across the various national, regional, and central divisions of the UPC.

Dr Penny Gilbert, Partner at Powell Gilbert, commented:

“As a leading independent IP law firm, we have built a reputation for partnering with the highest calibre patent litigators across Europe to deliver solutions for clients in complex international litigation.

Our Irish office represents the next logical step in this approach. It enables us to combine our extensive patent litigation and European co-ordination expertise, technical strength, and depth of knowledge with the support of local counsel to create the optimal teams for our clients’ European litigation strategies, both within the UPC and across non-UPC countries.

It has always been our intention to participate fully in the UPC, which we believe is of enormous strategic importance to clients. We are actively working with clients on their UPC strategies and filings in preparation for the UPC start date.”

Alex Wilson, partner at Powell Gilbert, commented:

“We are looking forward to handling UPC litigation from our Dublin office when the court rooms open their doors. This comes after years of our active involvement in the development of the system – inputting into the rules of the court and advocates’ code of conduct and the training of judges through EPLAW.”

About Powell Gilbert  

Powell Gilbert is one of the UK’s leading law firms specializing in intellectual property (IP) litigation, including patents, trademarks, design rights, copyright, and confidential information. It advises a wide variety of household brands on major UK and international IP-related issues across a range of sectors including FMCG, mobile, and telecommunication as well as in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology.


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