Kent robbinsHexos IP is thrilled to announce that Kent Robbins will be joining our company as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Having served in many senior leadership roles in Business Development and Sales (as well as serving as Captain within the United States Marine Corps), Kent is a proven servant leader with a dedication to client service and team development. Kent entered the field of intellectual property in 2016 for the opportunity to serve inventors in their efforts to protect and develop transformative innovations. With a passion for teamwork, excellence, and integrity, Kent joined Hexos IP to cultivate and champion its mission to provide unparalleled service.

Founder and CEO Edward Murgitroyd remarked: “Having worked closely with Kent in the past, I look forward to seeing his skills, dedication, and positive attitude contribute to the success of our company.”

Please join the entire Hexos team in extending a warm welcome to Kent!


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