Leading intellectual property firm Forresters is celebrating the continued service of 11 members of staff, who have completed a collective 195 years with the firm.

Long service awards were introduced by Forresters in 2022, and this year were presented at all three of the firm’s UK offices.

At Forresters’ London office, Legal Administrators Nirupa Shah and Carole Clarke were commended for their respective 20 and 15 years with the company.

Five staff members at the firm’s Birmingham office received awards, including Partner Jagvir Purewal, and Credit Controller Lidia Kotlarz-Birbeck, who have each spent ten years at Forresters, as well as Senior Accounts Assistant Neil Darby and Legal Administrator Diane Ellis, who have both been with the firm for 20 years.

Of all those who received awards, IT supervisor Les Wood has been with Forresters the longest, having accumulated an incredible 35 years of service.

Members of staff at the firm’s Liverpool office were also celebrated, including Senior Records Administrator Irene Rankin and Renewals Administrator Billie-Kay Nagle, who have each been with Forresters for ten years, as well as Trade Mark Paralegal Samantha Nagle and Senior Associate David Murphy, who each celebrated 20 years of service.

For Samantha, there’s a simple reason why she has stayed at Forresters as long as she has. “20 years sounds like a long time; however, it doesn’t feel like a long time to me,” she said. “I suppose that’s because I love my job!”

Senior Associate David Murphy commented: “Having been a part of Forresters for 20 years now, it seems quite poetic that I’ve now been here long enough to see some of my earliest filed patents expire! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and hope to be here for many more years to come.”

Matt Shaw, Managing Partner at Forresters, spoke highly of the value of long service awards. “We are immensely proud to be recognizing our longest serving staff members with long service awards once again this year,” he said. “Forresters’ continued success would not be possible without the hard work and outstanding contributions made by our colleagues, and it is a privilege to be able to mark their achievements in this way.”

Carole Clarke


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