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London, U.K., February 22, 2023 – Clarivate Plc (NYSE:CLVT), a global leader in connecting people and organizations to intelligence they can trust to transform the world, and the KAIST Innovation Strategy and Policy Institute (ISPI), a top research institution in South Korea today launched a collaborative report on the global innovation landscape of the artificial intelligence (AI) chip industry. The report suggests it is crucial to build an innovation ecosystem to stimulate mutual-cooperation among universities, enterprises and government-funded research institutes.

The report shows the chip industry is transforming from a mass market focused on large-scale production of general-purpose chip processors or memory to a diversified market with various mission-oriented chip processors specialized for different fields of AI. The competition in AI chip technology has never been so fierce as the demand for large-scale data processing with lower power consumption has grown rapidly to support industries related to big data and smart manufacturing.

Using industry-leading data from Clarivate, including Derwent World Patents Index™ (DWPI™), Derwent Patent Citation Index™ and Web of Science™, this report examines the innovation of AI chip technology based on patents and scientific papers, analyzes the landscape of AI chip technology in major countries and provides insights and directions for future innovation strategies for the industry.

Key findings of the report include:

  • The demand for AI chip including Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and Neuromorphic processors has been increasing since 2010 when AI began to be utilized in various fields. Currently, Mainland China and the United States account for about 80 percent of the global patents in the field of AI chip innovation. However, the quality of patents filed by Mainland China is relatively low while that by the United States is noticeably higher. In the United States, patents filed for the industry are evenly distributed across government-funded research institutes, enterprises and universities, which indicates a balanced development among all sectors.
  • The United States authors the most impactful scientific papers in this field, followed by Switzerland, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mainland China and South Korea. The United States holds a dominant position in both quantity and quality of scientific papers in the AI chip industry. Although Switzerland holds only a small number of scientific papers, it has a higher research impact than Mainland China.
  • Innovation in the AI chip industry is being led by global R&D collaborations, including industry-university partnerships. Companies in the industry often do not have enough resources for doing basic research which is why they choose to collaborate closely with leading global universities on technology innovation.

“This report analyzes the competitive landscape of AI chip technology and provides key insights and directions for developing innovation strategies for the development of AI chips. The chip industry is transforming from a mass market to a diversified and customized market as the demand for large-scale data processing with lower power consumption rapidly increases. The various mission-oriented chip processors specialized for different fields including artificial intelligence also boost the transformation. Therefore, the competition for the R&D of AI chip technology is intensifying,” said Professor Wonjoon Kim, Director, KAIST Innovation Strategy and Policy Institute.

“The report guides us to the future of the global AI chip industry, a sector full of changes and potential. Clarivate works together with research organizations all around the world to fuel the world’s greatest breakthroughs by harnessing the power of human ingenuity. We believe innovation on AI chips can help transform our world and build a safer, more productive and sustainable future,” said Ed White, Principal Analyst and Vice President, Clarivate.

Learn more about the global AI chip innovation landscape here.

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About the KAIST Innovation Strategy and Policy Institute

KAIST is the first and top science and technology university in Korea.  Established by the South Korean government in 1971 to educate scientists and engineers committed to economic growth in South Korea, KAIST and its graduates have been the gateway to advanced science and technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The KAIST Innovation Strategy and Policy Institute (ISPI) at KAIST aims to broaden the dynamic landscapes of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Institute focuses on how the new innovation paradigm of digitization and the new industrial revolution affect our society. The CISP ISPI will continue to strive to contribute to the Schumpeterian evolution of our society.


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