[New York, New York, January 2022] – Choice IP and The PCT Network are joining forces to create a powerful new IP services provider. Choice IP and The PCT Network are two of the world’s leading networks for IP professionals. Their unique models have each proven to be disruptive forces within the industry and have captured attention and broad market share. We are therefore thrilled to announce the official launch of this combined entity – Azami  Global.

With this launch, Azami Global will be the single largest network of IP professionals in the world, offering its members both expanded global reach and in-depth, local knowledge supported by innovative tools and services.

It is Azami Global’s intention to utilize this merger not only to increase the possibilities for our members but also to invest in technologies that will serve them. All existing members stand to benefit from the enhanced range of technology-enabled solutions offered by Azami Global.

As a part of these efforts, we intend to launch our proprietary Docketing System, which will allow our members to further streamline their intellectual property management processes.



“IP law firms and IP owners are looking for a sophisticated global partner to effectively manage complex IP portfolios in the face of reduced budgets and amid an increasingly globalized marketplace.  With the launch of Azami Global, we are able to leverage CIP’s and TPCTN’s robust offerings and combine localized legal advisory services with global administrative support services via the utilization of innovative technology. We believe that Azami Global’s  flexible approach will enable us to address the challenges facing IP professionals today.” 

Joel Jerozolim, Chairman of the Board at Azami Global.




“As the largest and most prestigious network of patent attorneys in the world, we are better able to help our members achieve global value creation with our centralized IP services and technology.” 

Jeremy Goldberg, Managing Director, Choice IP






“We have heard loud and clear from our members that they are concerned with developing broad global protection, all while managing budgetary constraints. This is where Azami Global can offer a unique service, streamlining IP management and providing flexibility to mix and match services as member needs evolve over time.” 

Lauren Pick, CEO, The PCT Network




About Choice IP:

Choice IP has developed strong ties with some of the world’s most efficient and focused law firms in the patent field, allowing it to offer “best in class pricing” to corporations.

About The PCT Network: 

The PCT Network has created the most comprehensive network of IP professionals in the world. The network focuses on sharing expertise and knowledge between its’ members and facilitating high quality and streamlined foreign patent filing.



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