Appleyard Lees partner Bill Lister, a solicitor, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney and CMC Registered Mediator, retired from the partnership on 31 March 2023. Bill will continue to work as a consultant for the firm.

Bill joined the partnership in 2018, a pivotal time in the development of the firm’s litigation team. Bill, a well-respected specialist IP litigator, brought with him a wealth of IP litigation experience to Appleyard Lees.

Bill helped shape the Appleyard Lees litigation offering, strengthening the firm’s IP litigation capabilities, and assisting with the growth of the team.

Speaking on Bill’s retirement, David Clark, Managing Partner, commented, “It is with sadness that we announce Bill’s retirement from Appleyard Lees.

“Bill achieved great success for his clients in many complex IP litigation cases. His wealth of knowledge and expertise has positively impacted our growing litigation team, aiding in the support we continue to be able to offer clients.

“It has been a privilege to work with Bill and I am happy he will continue as a consultant.”

Robert Cumming, Head of Litigation and Trade Marks, will continue to lead the firm’s litigation offering. Robert is supported by Chris Hoole, Partner, solicitor and Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, and a growing team of specialist IP solicitors and paralegals.

About Appleyard Lees

Appleyard Lees is a leading intellectual property law firm with over fifty patent and trademark attorneys and litigators.

Who we are and what we do – but also, how we do it – makes us distinctive.

We help our clients protect and monetise their intellectual property, and manage post-grant challenges, should they arise.

We offer broad sector and industry knowledge, plus the ability to adapt our services to specific client requirements, in an agile way.

With offices in UK innovation hotspots, we are positioned to give clients expert strategic IP advice in the UK and worldwide.


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