Published April 16, 2024

Parties enter into a settlement and patent license agreement

Boston, MA (April 3, 2024) – Sunstein LLP announced that earlier this year, Google and Singular Computing LLC entered into a settlement and patent license agreement resolving litigation pending in the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts. The terms of the settlement are not public.  

Sunstein Managing Partner Kerry L Timbers served as Singular’s lead trial counsel in a two-week jury trial in January 2024, alongside a team of Prince Lobel attorneys. Singular had sought over $1 billion in damages. Just prior to Timbers’ scheduled closing argument, the parties reported to the Court that they had settled with a binding term sheet.

Singular had alleged that Google, after meeting with Singular founder Dr. Joseph Bates, used Bates’ patented technology to power the artificial intelligence behind many of its products.

Timbers has extensive jury trial experience in complex patent litigations in a variety of industries, as well as appeals in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. His expertise includes participating in complex interference proceedings and Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs) before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) of the USPTO.

Singular develops and licenses hardware and software technologies for high-performance, energy-efficient computing, from data centers to the edge. Its technologies, which incorporate approximate computing, support modern deep-learning-based AI, other kinds of AI, and general-purpose non-AI applications. The company was founded by Bates, previously a professor and scientist at Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins.

Kerry Timbers

Kerry L Timbers

Managing Partner, Sunstein LLP

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