Navigating remote work is complicated. Though attorneys have been practicing in remote settings for many years, up until the pandemic they could only practice in the same state in which they were licensed. With the recent guidance issued by the American Bar Association, attorneys can now practice the law for which they are licensed while being physically present in a different jurisdiction.

“Now that you can practice anywhere and your team can continue to be anywhere, you can get away from the idea that your staff has to sit outside your office to get everything done for you. That’s where comes in,” says founder Lindsey Corbin.

A substantial challenge facing law firms today is that clients are demanding more transparency and efficiency. They’re cognizant of the potential costs when engaging and retaining outside legal counsel.

“When using a company like, you’re able to control your cost by using services a la carte. That means  complete transparency with clients – Knowing the exact cost for the project. Gone are the days of having expensive senior-level trademark professionals on staff and having to worry about the full time salary.  Our company is a one-stop shop for all your legal needs, including paralegal assistance, business development and technology implementation.”

According to the Legal Trends Report, firms using certain types of technology solutions saw up to 34% more casework and were projected to collect over $37,000 more per attorney in 2020. Firms who weren’t using these technology solutions like client portals, electronic payment systems, and client intake and CRM solutions experienced significant disadvantages in casework and revenue.

“Because our team is completely remote- and will continue to be indefinitely, we already have the advantage of using and knowing this technology in order to seamlessly integrate into other practices. Top law firms and sole-practitioner attorneys deserve the quality of work, level of service and expertise, and reliability they offer to their own clients. We’re here to do exactly that,” says Corbin. is embracing new ways of working, new technology, and improving transparency and efficiency for attorneys everywhere.


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Lindsey Corbin is a trademark industry expert with more than 15 years of experience, encompassing both in-house and in Big Law. Through her professional experience, she understood the definite need for paralegals and virtual assistants without the overhead of a full time employee- so she created it. is a virtual service for offering paralegal support, virtual assistants, business development, social media management, and more- all offered as alternatives to W-2 employees.

Saebryn Peel is a writer, social media manager, and marketing manager. She graduated from the College of Media, Communication and Information at the University of Colorado Boulder receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and minor in Communication in 2020.”


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