Published May 10, 2024

Rimon Law is pleased to announce the arrival of attorneys Aurelia Mitchell Durant, Christine Gregorak, Tara Hummer, Christine Wilson, and Gregory Tolchinsky. The attorneys based in New Jersey, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Orlando, and San Diego bring depth to the firm’s intellectual property, investment management, real estate, employment, and litigation practices.

Rimon achieved unprecedented growth in 2023 and is continuing with continued growth in 2024. Managing Partner, Juan Zúñiga commented: “Rimon is at an exciting point in our evolution.  We continue to add top-quality lawyers to our firm and we expect to continue to be a landing place for premier practices that are for alternative ways to practice.  We have a special culture and our model allows us to offer our attorneys (and their clients) benefits that simply are not available at other firms. I am particularly pleased that we continue to include more women into the firm as demonstrated by four of the lawyers joining us today.”

“We have had a big year so far and we have much more in the pipeline from a hiring perspective. We are very excited to welcome this outstanding group of attorneys to Rimon,” said Rimon Hiring Partner, Ed Wisneski.

Gregory Tolchinsky joins Rimon as a patent attorney in San Diego. Tolchinsky specializes in multiple high-tech fields including 5G, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, augmented/virtual reality, medical devices, etc. Prior to joining Rimon, Tolchinsky was a patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the computer networking technology center (TC2400). He also detailed for Administrative Patent Judges at The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTABwhere he assisted the judges with adjudicating AIA trials and ex parte appeals.

On his move to Rimon, Tolchinsky said: “I decided to move to Rimon because I wanted to join a firm with a strong IP team, at the forefront of innovation, representing clients all over the world.”

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