Published March 28, 2024

Paris, March 26, 2024 — Questel, a global leader in intellectual property (IP) management solutions, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with the innovative Swiss-based company, ipQuants. By harnessing the potential of automated workflows and artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate patent prosecution, this collaboration offers IP attorneys an unparalleled platform for data analysis, trend spotting, and strategic decision-making. 

Commenting on the announcement, Charles Besson, CEO of Questel, stated: “This partnership will enable the automation of document collection and response generation during prosecution, while also minimizing the use of emails for correspondence. This is particularly useful when combined with an IP management system (IPMS).” 

“With its global leadership, innovative mindset, and commitment to prioritizing customer experience, Questel is the ideal partner for us. Together, we’re truly excited to empower IP professionals worldwide to achieve superior results more efficiently,” added Tony Afram, CEO of ipQuants. 

This partnership is poised to offer IP attorneys a software solution that will not only streamline their workflows but also provide access to the type of insightful analytics that were previously out of reach. By automating routine tasks and leveraging AI for complex analysis, law firm, and corporate IP professionals can focus on the strategic aspects of their work, enhancing the value of their contribution to clients and stakeholders. Equinox, Questel’s cutting-edge IPMS solution, now offers an additional AI-driven patent prosecution service alongside its core functionalities. 

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