Published May 22, 2024

IPRally is happy to share some exciting news about a major leadership shift as it gears up for the next phase of its growth journey.

Sakari Arvela, co-founder and CEO of IPRally, has decided to transition to the role of Chief Product Officer to further evolve the product in line with his original vision. Arvela passes the leadership torch to Dennis van der Veeke, who takes over as the new CEO. This change marks an important milestone in IPRally’s journey and aligns with its mission to continue advancing in the patent industry using AI.

As a former patent attorney, Arvela has been a driving force behind IPRally since its inception in 2018. Under his leadership, the company has grown to 50 employees and achieved a strong customer base with logos like NVIDIA, Dolby, Signify, ABB, Owens Corning, Evonik, Foley & Lardner, RPX, and many more. Arvela will focus on developing IPRally’s product strategy and delivering impactful solutions for customers and users in the rapidly changing AI space and market. 

Van der Veeke brings a wealth of experience and a growth mindset that is essential for taking IPRally to the next level. His notable achievements at ZyLAB, where he successfully transformed the legal tech company into an inbound-led SaaS business, demonstrate his capability to lead and grow tech-driven companies. “Dennis’s structured approach, positive outlook, and excellent feedback loop align perfectly with IPRally’s values and vision”, said Arvela.

“We are confident that this transition will position IPRally for even greater success”, said Jelle-Jan Bruinsma, Chairman of the Board. “Under the new leadership structure, IPRally will continue to work hard on its mission to provide effortless access to technical information, advance the quality of IP rights, and accelerate innovation. We are grateful for what we have established in the market so far, but we are not done yet.” 


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