Published May 1, 2024

HGF is pleased to announce that seven members of its team have been promoted from Director to Partner.

These promotions will be effective from 1 May 2024 and reflect the immense dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence demonstrated by these individuals.

Martyn Fish, CEO commented, “It is a pleasure to announce that seven people have joined the partner group. This dedicated group of individuals have continuously demonstrated HGF’s values and played a pivotal role in the firm’s continued success.”

These promotions are part of the firm’s plans to increase the partnership following a strong year of growth.

Director to Partner promotions:

  • Jessica Kroeze (The Hague office)       
  • David Selby (Leeds office)             
  • Scott Fletcher (London office)       
  • Punita Shah (Manchester office)           
  • Ellie Purnell (Manchester office)             
  • Lauren Somers (Manchester office)      
  • David Louis (Leeds office)

HGF would like to congratulate these individuals for their well-deserved promotions.

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