We have come a long way to be recognised fully, for the value we bring to society, whether in business, in the home or in government.

Change has been happening.  In government, we have remarkable female leaders such as, Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany, Jacinda Arden – Prime Minister of New Zealand and many more exciting female leaders.

In the corporate world, it was recently reported, by Emma Hinchliffe on 25 February 2021 in Fortune that, Thasunda Brown Duckett has become the second Black female CEO currently in the Fortune 500.  In the media, they include, Faye Waters – Editor-in- Chief and Author of The Trademark Lawyer.

I am grateful for the many women I have had in my own life from family members to colleagues and friends from my high school, Wesley Girls’ High School, Ghana, who have all contributed one way or another in mentoring me along the way.

Some colleagues who have impacted my life, include, but not limited to, Barbara Cookson – owner of Filemot Technology Law Ltd, Katrina Burchell – from my Unilever days and Victoria West – PepsiCo.

My friend, Dr. Elisabeth Shaw of 1000 Black Voices who also happens to be one of my female business owner clients, is an inspiration and spurs me on in the things that I do best.

There is a saying in my mother tongue, which goes like this, –

“when you “birth” a woman you have “birthed” a nation”.

There is still some way for us to go, however, I am pleased for the grounds taken so far.  Unconscious bias is being tackled by many, including companies who are now empowering women, for example, to bridge the gender pay gap.

Remember to acknowledge those females who have had an impact in your own life to thank them.

Do not give up women in whatever circumstances you find yourselves in even as you read this article.  You are special and important.  Strive to impact your world for good, with the values that you carry.

Happy International Women’s Day!

My salute to us all!

Writer: Gifty Gakpetor of IPTogether

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