Published January 9, 2024

The patent is the seventh patent issued to FinLocker since 2017 to protect, aggregate, and analyze potentially sensitive data for the purpose of guiding and preparing consumers to achieve their financial goals, including homeownership.

ST. LOIS, MO — January 9, 2023 FinLocker, a pioneering personal financial fitness and homeownership tool, proudly announces the recent issuance of its seventh patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This patent further fortifies FinLocker’s commitment to safeguarding, aggregating, and analyzing sensitive data with the aim of guiding and empowering consumers towards their financial aspirations, particularly homeownership.

Titled “Systems and methods for providing enhanced control over and visibility into workflows where potentially sensitive data is processed by different operators, regardless of current workflow task owner,” US Patent 11842309 marks a significant milestone in the company’s intellectual property portfolio. The patented methods and processes will be leveraged to retrieve and analyze the consumer-provided data and data collected with the consumer’s consent (used to link their credit and financial accounts to obtain their assets) to assess a consumer’s readiness for a financial product or service through the My Homeownership Snapshot feature. The innovative technology will also be used to proactively offer tailored recommendations to the consumer via the Action Plan feature), request new data from the consumer where needed to update their readiness, and inform the consumer and their lender or loan officer when their state of readiness changes via consumer and loan officer notifications.

This is the first patent issued to Andria Thomas, Chief Product Officer of FinLocker, and the seventh FinLocker patent issued to Bryan Garcia, Chief Technology Officer of FinLocker, as the inventor. Their inventive contributions provide the FinLocker financial fitness and homeownership app with unique systems and methods for using and securely storing consumer-permissioned data to assist consumers in improving their financial fitness to achieve mortgage readiness.

“Our company culture of innovation is driven by our inventors’ relentless dedication for ideating, developing, and patenting impactful capabilities to enhance the FinLocker platform for our clients and their consumers,” said Brian Vieaux, President and Chief Operating Officer of FinLocker. “As a product-centric company dedicated to assisting consumers to achieve homeownership and financial well-being, we are always seeking ways to leverage technology to help the consumers who use FinLocker make informed financial decisions. This latest patent will enable FinLocker to provide our consumer users with comprehensive assessments of their readiness to apply for a mortgage and other financial products and services.”

The FinLocker patent portfolio consists of seven patents directed to systems and methods used to protect, analyze and aggregate consumer-permissioned data, and use the data to offer actionable recommendations to achieve their objectives or goals. Furthermore, the patents provide the consumer with technology and the processes to securely share their data with a loan officer or lender for a decision on financial products or services.

About FinLocker

FinLocker provides a secure financial fitness app that aggregates and analyzes a member’s financial data to offer hyper-personalized journeys that guide users in building and monitoring their credit, managing their financial accounts, budgeting, saving, reducing debt, and improving their mortgage readiness. Consumers can also initiate their property search and store personal and financial documents, which can be securely shared with their loan officer directly from the app to start their loan application. Mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions white-label FinLocker to attract, assist, and educate members, gain market share, reduce loan processing costs, reduce friction, and create a lifetime of loyalty. 

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