South America

Vanrell Intellectual Property – Attorneys

Address: Prof. J. C. Sabat Pebet 1230/508, Montevideo, Uruguay,
Phone: +598 2 6286033

Vanrell Intellectual Property–Attorneys is an IP boutique, located in Uruguay, with offices in Montevideo and Parque de las Ciencias (Canelones), rendering services not only in our home country but in the rest of the Americas, particularly the Caribbean Islands.

Our team -well-known for the comprehensive service provided- has more than 25 years of experience in the management of trademarks and patents portfolios, copyright, regulatory practice and legal compliance, unfair competition, litigation, dispute resolution, arbitration, etc.

Our deep understanding of the legal, technical and business issues surrounding Intellectual Property Rights allows us to provide suitable advice for the client’s different needs.

For further information about Vanrell Intellectual Property-Attorneys please visit


Juan Vanrell / Senior Partner


Fabiana Mateos / Partner


Veronica Vanrell / Partner



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