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Address: 21 S 11th St, 19107, Philadelphia, PA , USA.
Phone: 267-908-3338

Founded in 2008, Gerben Law Firm, PLLC, now Gerben Intellectual Property, is a full service IP Law Firm, specializing in trademark & patent law. We’ve been recognized as a Top 10 Trademark Filer by the World Trademark Review in the United States.

Gerben Intellectual Property offers a wide range of IP services to businesses of all sizes. We also support other IP attorneys with services. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service to our clients and ensure they stay updated throughout the lengthy registration process.

Our patent attorney services include searches, application process (design & utility), office actions & amendments as well as patent enforcement. We’re patent attorneys that offer a range of patent services for every step of the application / enforcement process.

Gerben IP offers a range of information for users and potential clients on patents, trademarks & copyrights. Some of our most popular topics include:

How to Perform a Trademark Search

How to Patent a Product

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Mark


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