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Bendaña & Bendaña

Address: Pricesmart 100 mts. Norte y 20 oeste. Bolonia. Managua, Nicaragua.
Phone: +505-2266-8728




Bendaña & Bendaña is a boutique Intellectual Property (IP) firm that was established in the 1950’s by Julian Bendaña Silva in Nicaragua. Since its founding, the firm has specialized in IP and related matters. The client roster includes large pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer AG, as well as other international conglomerates like Exxon Mobile, Ford, Japan Tabacco International, Coach Companies, Georgia-Pacific, Lycra, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Allergan and others. The current managing partners are the founder’s children, María Jose Bendaña-Guerrero and Ricardo J. Bendaña-Guerrero, who have headed the firm since the early 1990’s.


The firm’s decades long involvement in the IP sector along with its well-established reputation have allowed it to become a well-known and respected provider of IP related services not only in Nicaragua, but also in the rest of Central America. Over the past 15 years, our firm has evolved from a single market boutique firm, into a regional firm that offers services in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.


Bendaña & Bendaña’s objective is to combine experience and legal tradition with innovation. Since the early 1990’s, when the Nicaraguan Trademark and Patent Office was still using typewriters, one of the firm’s partners, Ricardo J. Bendaña-Guerrero, both an attorney and engineer, developed and wrote the firm’s management and docketing program. That early interest in using technology as a tool has allowed our firm to grow not only locally, but also regionally. As a result, the firm’s efficient use of information technology has allowed the firm to effectively manage client’s patent and trademark portofolios, small and large, and has even allowed for the firm’s workforce to telecommute when necessary.


The firm has also expanded from providing almost exclusively Intellectual Property services to corporate law, tax law and ancillary accounting services. Additionally, the firm’s members keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of law in which it offers services.  The firm’s expansion is the result of Bendaña & Bendaña’s experience and tradition that has been built up over 60 years of practice. The firm’s current areas of practice are:

Intellectual Property Law. Registration, litigation, advise and drafting of contracts in all areas of Intellectual Property Law, including Trademarks, Patents, copyrights, Trade Secrets and Internet Law.

Regulatory Affairs. General regulatory issues, including marketing authorization of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical, and veterinary goods.

Real Estate Law. Real Estate due diligence, appraisals, surveys and inspections. Drafting of Mortgages, Deeds, Purchase/Sale Contracts (closings) and Promissory Contracts.

Corporate and Commercial Law.  Business contracts, contract writing, breach of contracts, establishment of Nicaraguan corporations, tax and financial advice.

Immigration Law. Nicaraguan residency for foreign investors and other immigration issues.


Other offices:
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama



Team Members

Ricardo J. Bendaña Guerrero

Managing Partner

Mariajosé Jirón Bendaña

Associate Attorney

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