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Address: Lot4, 2nd Floor, NO.223, Kaj Boulevard, Karaj, Alborz, P.O. Box 3155653741.
Phone: +98 2632542966 +98 9120750562 +98 2632514224
Website: https://www.ipalborz.com

We are glad to introduce our firm, ADL MEHRYAS ALBORZ IP, to you.ADL MEHRYAS ALBORZ IP, the Advocate, is a comprehensive legal, services
firm operating in Iran, acting for advertise number public and private
corporations and engaged extensively in intellectual property affairs.

We are highly capable of counselling and orienting clients in procedures
related to the registration and concession of Intellectual rights, while
defending the clients’ exclusive right of use and promotion of their
brands and provide legal services designed to protect clients’ patents,
trademarks, trade names, industrial designs. In brief, we handle the
processing, registration and protection of all intellectual property
related matters and all post-registration procedures, like IP disputes,
litigation etc?


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