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Address: 20 calle 12-51 "A" zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 01010.
Phone: 502 2366-7427

The firm Merida & Associates provides its services throughout the range of different legal matters. Merida specializes in Business Law, Banking Law, Trademarks, Patents and related litigation, Notary Law
and Arbitration.

We speak Spanish, German and English. English is used normally every day as a second language in our office. We serve several German institutions including banks, and German law firms.

We work with countries like the United States of America, México, Canada, Panama, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, and many more.

Our office has all the necessary staff and equipment to offer our clients a good and reliable service.

The Law Firm was founded by Mr. Armando Mérida in 1994, and it has become a very prestigious law
firm in Guatemala and abroad.
The Law firm operates under the name of MERIDA Y ASOCIADOS

Patent & Trademarks:
This important part of work is conducted by Armando Mérida, Ana Cecilia Molina and Daniel Barreda, and assisted by Mr. Diego Sosa. During the last years this field of our work, has been growing steadily, and we are able to provide our clients with a reliable and safe service. Each year we attend the International Trademark Association (INTA), which is held in a different city of
the United States of America. This enables us to keep a permanent contact with our clients and has helped us to develop a new clientele in this field. We also attend ASIPI, ECTA. And GRUR.

We belong to the following institutions: INTA, ASIPI, CBBL, GRUR and we are listed in the following international directories:

– Global IP Directory.

– International Advisory Experts (IAE).

– IP-Link.

The attention to our clients is our top priority and we focus our work on providing the best possible

Contact Emails:;;

US Address:
Armando Mérida.
Section 019170.
P.O. Box 02-5339
Miami, Fl. 33102-5339.
United States of America.

Team Members

Armando Merida


Ana Molina

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