Vardikos & Vardikos

Address: 4 Koumbari Street, Kolonaki Square, Athens, 10674, Greece.
Phone: +30 210 3627888-9

Vardikos & Vardikos, based in Greece and Cyprus has a full range of legal and professional intellectual property services, with special emphasis on:

Advertising Law, IP Management & Strategy, Cancellation And Opposition Actions, IP Related Litigation, Data Protection, Injunctions And Asset, Freezing, Patent And Trademark, Filing And Prosecution, Copyright, Industrial Designs And Models, Internet Contracts, Licensing, Franchising, And Technology Transfer, In Joint Ventures, Domain Names, Competitor Surveillance, International Tax Planning, Industrial Designs and Models.


Team Members

Christos Th. Vardikos

Attorney at law | Consul of The Commonwealth of Dominica

Alexandra Botsiou

Attorney at Law

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