Sigeon IP, Grzelak & Partners

Address: Raclawicka 146, 02-117 Warsaw, Poland.
Phone: +48 22 40 50 401, +48 22 40 50 301

Sigeon IP is a patent attorneys and law firm, also providing IP business advisory services.

We combine our patent attorneys’ experience with premium legal expertise, IP management and commercialization, to provide our Clients with the „one-stop-shop” professional services.

Patent and Trademark Attorneys

We are Polish and European Patent and Trademark Attorneys providing a comprehensive range of services related to obtaining and maintaining industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as in litigation.

We conduct proceedings related to patents, utility models, industrial designs, and trademarks in Poland and abroad. Our specialized team provides validations of European Patents in Poland, renewals and changes in official registers.

• Obtaining and maintaining industrial property rights
• Validation of granted European Patents in Poland
• Patent searches and opinions
• Professional assistance in obtaining exclusive rights for patents, utility models, trademarks, designs in Poland, EU and other countries
• Consulting in intellectual property, support in technology development and transfer of rights
• Litigation, infringement, invalidation in IP

Legal Services

We provide services in the field of intellectual property law, company law and business law, mergers and acquisitions, civil law and civil procedure, labor law and other areas of Polish law.

We provide legal services to entrepreneurs in all aspects of developing and running a business, advise on transactions, handle litigation and court cases.

• Intellectual property

• Litigation and disputes in industrial property

• Startups, SMEs

• Company law

• Commercial transactions

• Litigation and arbitration

IP Business Advisory

We help in commercialization of early-stage technologies and projects, market analyses for innovative solutions, feasibility studies, strategic IP advisory and management. Our experts possess an extensive business experience but also a strong scientific background in the fields of biological, chemical, medical, and veterinary sciences, food, and cosmetics.

• Commercialization of early-stage projects – R&D planning and execution
• Commercialization of early-stage projects – market analysis, business planning, and fundraising
• IP management
• Support for investors – technology and early-stage project assessment

We believe that the key to a successful cooperation is a full understanding of problems and needs of our Clients, which can only be achieved through close partnership.


Team Members

Anna Grzelak

Founding and Managing Partner, Polish and European Patent Attorney

Tomasz Gawrylczyk

Patent Attorney, Attorney-at-Law

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