Maucher Jenkins

Address: 26 Caxton Street, London, SW1H 0RJ.
Phone: +44 (0)207 931 7141

Maucher Jenkins is a leading Anglo-German Intellectual Property firm with multiple offices in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and China.

We handle national filings in the UK and Germany as well as European filings, using our knowledge of the economic, cultural and legal differences between these countries, to offer British and EU IP services during and after Brexit. The close working relationship between our offices means we are able to offer our clients swift, responsive and fully tailored IP services across multiple jurisdictions.

We are European Patent and Trade Mark & Design Attorneys, UK Chartered Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, Solicitors (England, Wales, Ireland), Intellectual Property Litigators and German Attorneys At Law.

We represent many well-known companies and brands globally; companies which set the pace in science, technology and innovative product design, advising on both non-contentious and contentious IP matters. Our clients range from global corporations, SMEs, universities, individual inventors and entrepreneurs.

We continued our global expansion in 2018 and were the first to open an European IP law firm in Shenzhen, regarded as China’s Silicon Valley for the world‘s hardware start-ups.

Other office locations: Munich, Farnham, Freiburg, Beijing, Basel, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Shenzhen, Nanjing.


Team Members

James Cross


Hugh Dunlop


Reuben Jacob


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