Address: Off 1, 27 Ostrovsky St, Kazan, 420111, Russia.
Phone: +7 843 215 00 55

KHUSAINOV KHOMYAKOV is a full-service intellectual property (IP) law firm with offices in Kazan (Russia) and Istanbul (Türkiye), providing services to clients in Russia and Eurasia. We strengthen our clients’ market positions by providing reliable protection of ideas, technologies, and brands. Our client base is diverse and includes both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in various fields, such as IT and telecommunications, industrial equipment and machinery, oil and gas production, petroleum engineering, building materials and technologies, and food industry.

We specialize in a range of services, including filing and prosecuting trademark and patent applications with Rospatent and the Eurasian Patent Office, handling registration and protection of rights to designs, software, and copyrights, conducting patent and trademark searches, representing interests in IP litigation and legal disputes, and supporting transactions with IP rights.

Our team of patent and trademark attorneys and IP lawyers are members of esteemed organizations such as AIPPI, LES International, and the Association of Lawyers of Russia. Our firm has been recognized as a leading law firm with a sustainable practice in the field of IP law (RAA Ranking 2022/2023).

Main Practices:

IP Registration

  • – Trademark Registration
  • – Patenting of Inventions & Utility Models
  • – Design Registration
  • – Software & Database Registration

IP Disputes

  • – IP Litigation
  • – Border Protection with the Customs
  • – Anticounterfeiting Online & Offline
  • – Challenging IP Rights with the Chamber for Patent Disputes
  • – Unfair Competition & Advertising Disputes
  • – Expert Witness Opinions

Transactions, Licensing & IP Commercialization

  • – Drafting Contracts & Agreements
  • – Registration of Transactions with Patent Offices
  • – Conducting IP Due Diligence
  • – Supporting Investment Projects, M&As (in Part of IP)
  • – Strategic Counselling

Searches & Accompanying Services

  • – Annuities & Renewals
  • – Patent Searches of all Types (Russian-language)
  • – Naming and Design of the Marks (market & consumer specifics)
  • – Technical and Legal Translations
  • – Patent and Design Drawings


Team Members

Ramzan Khusainov, LL.M.

Managing Partner

Anton Khomyakov, Ph.D.

Senior Partner

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