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Address: Fleminggatan 20, 112 26 Stockholm, Sweden.
Phone: +46 8 729 91 00

Groth & Co has been creating and optimizing intellectual property since 1869, which makes us Scandinavia’s first IP adviser. We are a modern and internationally awarded IP law firm offering personal advice in all IP areas. We have experts in trademarks, patents, designs, domain names, copyright, litigation, agreements, marketing law, watching, name creation and more.

We are committed to strengthening, developing and enhancing our clients’ business activities through our experience and expertise within intellectual property, in combination with an understanding of our clients’ business. The goal is to strengthen our clients’ position and increase the company’s value.

Our staff of senior attorneys includes authorized European Trademark and Design Attorneys and authorized European Patent Attorneys. Our attorneys have experience from several industries and IP law firms, but also from IP offices such as EUIPO, EPO and the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV). We have a particularly senior and experienced staff, including all professional groups such as lawyers, patent attorneys and paralegals. Thanks to a very long average time of employment we maintain and upkeep a high level of expertise and quality.

In the field of patents, Groth & Co assists clients in a wide spectrum of services from pre-filing activities such as Freedom-to-Operate analysis and landscaping, via drafting and prosecution, to post-grant services such as opposition and appeal procedures before the EPO, licensing, transactions, valuation and litigation in district court and up to the Supreme court of Sweden. Groth & Co also has experience from creating and implementing IP and patent strategies and policies, as well as being part of patent councils and board of directors.  We also frequently work in-house as part of our larger clients’ patent departments. For clients where IP and business are closely tied together, we frequently advise in strategic decision making together with the management team of the client.

Groth & Co is the founder of The Patent Day™ and The Trademark Day™, two of the largest IP events in Scandinavia that have been running for over 20 years.


Global Know-how and International Experience

Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Yet, in order to better assist or clients, we also have offices outside of Sweden, in strategically important cities – Munich, Alicante and Shanghai. In Alicante, we have two Spanish Advocates/Trademark Attorneys who works with a focus on EU trademark practise.

Thanks to the great diversity of our staff, we offer advice in 14 native languages. Among these languages, we have several of the Europe’s largest languages represented, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese and German, yet also a special focus on the Asian market with native attorneys fluent in Japanese and Hindi. Our international team of experts helps to bridge the cultural differences that may occur in international business. As our client, you also gain access to our global network of partners.


150 years of IP experience – From the dynamite to cryptocurrencies

In 2019, we celebrated 150 years of business. Groth & Co is Scandinavia’s first IP law firm, founded in 1869 by the patent pioneer Lorenz Albrecht Groth. Our founder, Mr L A Groth, became a key person in the industrialization of Sweden. At the time, his patent agency was the market leader for many years. L A Groth was also the Swedish government’s representative in patent matters. Among other things, he attended the Paris Convention in the late 1800s and was an important figure in forming the international Patent Cooperation Treaty, PCT.

Groth & Co has been in business ever since 1869 and has since then been in the forefront of Swedish and international innovation. Through our history we have filed patents or trademarks for great invention and companies, such as: Nobel’s dynamite, Edison’s light bulb, Diesel’s engine, the Compass, the Pacemaker, the Calculator, ABBA’s trademark, Google’s launch in Sweden, giving Klarna its name and much more. You can learn about the great inventors, technical breakthroughs and innovative companies we have been involved with since 1869 in our Digital Museum:


Corporate social responsibility – Together We Can Make A Difference™

We have conducted a number of charity projects together with our collaborative partners under the slogan “Together We Can Make A Difference™”. Since 2009, we have planted trees around Lake Victoria, dug a water well in Mali, built a school kitchen in Uganda, built water ponds in Kenya and started businesses in Kenya and many more. Please read more about our previous and ongoing CSR projects on our website:


Other offices: Alicante, Munich, Shanghai


Team Members

Mathias Loqvist

Managing Partner, Head of Patent Dept., European Patent Attorney

Mats Lundberg

Managing Director, Managing Partner, European Trademark and Design Attorney

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