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Address: Concept Tower, Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw, POLAND.
Phone: +48 508 296 773

FGGH IP Patent and Law Firm born out of enthusiasm and passion for intellectual property, working with inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs and people who value innovative and creative thinking.

Four experienced practitioners (former partners) decided to join forces to guide clients through the meanders of the IP world in a comprehensive, efficient and modern way. Our overriding goal is to provide high quality services based on solid, substantive foundations, transparency  and understanding of client needs. We are dealing with obtaining, maintaining and enforcing industrial property rights (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks). Copy rights and unfair competition are also our daily practice.

The foundation of FGGH IP is built on lasting relationships based on mutual trust and integrity.

We listen carefully to the needs of our clients, as we are committed to mutual understanding and open communication. Our advantage is our extensive practical experience, which allows us to explain complex issues in an accessible way. Our offices are located in three the biggest cities in Poland to be closer to national clients.

What makes us unique?

– Practical experience

We approach cases from a business-oriented perspective.  Our extensive knowledge and skills enable us to resolve difficult and complex IP cases before national and EU authorities and international courts, including UPC . We advise on a strategy that considers both the chances and the risks of the case.

– Personalised approach

The client always comes first , which is why we focus on an individual approach to each case – listening to and understanding the needs of both the inventor and the business, allowing us to provide the best possible tailored solutions. We enjoy working with people, so open and friendly communication is an opportunity for us to build valuable relationships for years to come.

– Complexity

We have the professional skills to fully represent clients:

PATENTS: We file and prosecute patent applications with the Polish Patent Office (PPO), the European Patent Office (EPO), and  under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). We also file validations of granted European Patents in Poland as well as proceed with national phases of PCT.

TRADEMARKS and DESIGNS: We file and prosecute trademark and design applications with the Polish Patent Office (PPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the WIPO under the Madrid and Hague Systems.

COURT CASES: We represent clients before Polish and EU administrative and civil courts. We are also entitled to represent clients before the Unified Patent Court.

Our competence enables us to provide a comprehensive and holistic consultancy service to our clients, protecting their exclusive intellectual property rights and defending them against infringements and unfair actions by third parties.

– Responsiveness and clear billing rules

We respect the client’s time and understand the importance of responding quickly, so we take all necessary action promptly and keep in constant contact with the client. We operate to the highest standards of  confidentiality and timeliness and offer a clear billing system that allows us to build relationships based on mutual respect, honesty and trust.

Our Team

We like to team up because we know that synergy creates greater advantage, and this is reflected in our name, FGGH IP, which is a combination of the names of our founders:

ALICJA KICIŃSKA-FUJAWA- law degree, National and European Patent Attorney, Attorney at Law, UPC representative

HELENA GAJEK- law degree, National Patent Attorney, Attorney at Law

PIOTR GODLEWSKI- technical degree, National and European Patent Attorney, UPC representative

IWONA PŁODZICH-HENNIG- technical degree, National Patent Attorney

We welcome you to take advantage of our expertise and years of practical experience to provide you with professional IP counselling that will truly assist you in achieving success and overcoming any challenge.


Team Members

Piotr Godlewski

Partner, National & European Patent Attorney, UPC representative

Alicja Kicińska – Fujawa

Partner, National & European Patent Attorney, Attorney at Law, UPC representative

Iwona Płodzich-Hennig

Partner, National Patent Attorney

Helena Gajek

Partner, National Patent Attorney, Attorney at Law

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