Cabinet Chaillot

Address: 16 avenue de l?Agent Sarre, BP 74, Colombes cedex, 92703.
Phone: +33 1 4119 2777

Your IP boutique in France and Europe
Cabinet Chaillot’s main field of expertise is obtaining and managing exclusive rights on companies? intellectual property (patents, trademarks, designs).

Founded in 1985, Cabinet Chaillot now has 8 offices in France.
Our services include:
– Prior art search, freedom to operate study for patents
– Availability searches for French and European trademarks
– Patent drafting
– Filing and prosecution of patent, trademark and design applications, both domestically (before the French Office), internationally (PCT, International trademarks and designs) and in the EU (European patents, European Union trademarks and Community designs)
– National validations of European patents in all EPO countries
– Searching, watching, documentation and alert services
– Oppositions before EPO
– Oppositions against French and European trademarks
– Cancellations of European Union trademarks and Community designs
– Invalidation and litigation of patent, trademark and design rights
– IP portfolio administration
– Renewal of patents (all EPO countries), renewal of French and European trademarks, French and Community designs
– Establishing and recording IP agreements
– Watching with the French and European Custom administrations
– Negotiation and drafting of agreements, especially licensing
– Translations

Other offices: La Roche-sur-Yon, Dijon, Limoges, Rouen, Le Mans, Clermont-Ferrand, Angers

Contact 1
Denis Chaillot
Patent and Trademark attorney

Contact 2
Julie Desrois
Patent and Trademark attorney


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