Backstrom & Co

Address: Kasarmikatu 44,, Helsinki, FI-00130.
Phone: +358 9 6689 940

Backström & Co has achieved a solid position as a front-ranking law firm and has particularly gained recognition as an expert in intellectual property. The firm offers services in general business law, especially contract and corporate law, as well as civil litigations and arbitrations, and has a reputation for providing trustworthy legal expertise to its numerous domestic and foreign clients.

The firm is highly well-known for its skill and experience in matters of patent and especially of patent contentious, trademark, copyright and litigation, as well as domain names, licensing, contractual issues and utility models. The firm provides related legal services in all fields of technology and trade.

Backström & Co has been named in several international publications as one of Finland’s leading firms in its special field. In recent international surveys, Backström & Co has been described as having “wealth of experience in contentious matters” and being “best known for its IP practice.”

The firm represents a great number of large international corporations as well as small and middle sized companies in litigations and other legal matters. Backström & Co has also long-term experience in managing clients’ cases in general and special courts as well as in arbitration.

In addition, Backström & Co provides services in IP related regulatory matters, and issues related to pharmaceuticals, trade secrets, product liability advertising and consumer protection, confidentiality, franchising and merchandising, privacy and data protection.

Backström & Co and its lawyers are members of several national and international organizations such as IBA, AIPPI, Marques, INTA, ECTA, Eurojuris and EPLaw.


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