North America

R. William Wray & Associates

Address: 116 Albert Street, Suite 703, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P5G3, Canada.
Phone: (613) 233-1322

Since 1974, R. William Wray & Associates in Ottawa has provided comprehensive services to companies, associates, and inventors on all aspects of intellectual property including searches, preparing, filing and prosecuting applications, enforcing intellectual property rights, licensing, franchising and related matters. This includes patents, trademarks, oppositions, domain names, copyright, industrial designs, trade secrets and licensing.

Our mission is to provide our clients with effective and efficient advice with respect to their intellectual property. We believe that any advice that we provide and any intellectual property protection that we obtain for our clients should be worthwhile and complement our clients’ business objectives for their intellectual capital. This means that the intellectual property protection that we obtain is one component in the overall business plan, together with financing, marketing, and other considerations.


Team Members

David Wray

Managing Partner

Elizabeth Moore


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