South America

Landivar & Landivar

Address: Av. Arce esq. Plaza Isabel La Católica N° 2519, Torres del Poeta Bldg., Torre B, 9th floor, Office 902. La Paz, Bolivia, South America.
Phone: +5912-2430671

Landivar & Landivar has more than 60 years of experience. Our firm was established by Gaston Landívar Iturricha in 1961, making it a pioneering firm in the field of Intellectual Property in Bolivia. Our international reputation was earned through a competent and comprehensive legal service in our area of ​​expertise, and an excellent and professional team unmatched in our country.

Our Chief Executive Officer: Martha Landívar is the main reference for Intellectual Property in Bolivia, an active and honorary member of A.S.I.P.I. Bolivia, actively participating in international conferences and giving training conferences on Intellectual Property issues in Bolivia.

Landívar & Landívar has grown, adding new experts in different areas of Intellectual Property, in order to give our clients a plus in each field of work.

Our offer has diversified into a chain of comprehensive Legal Services in all areas of Law. These value-added services are the core of our firm, always making a difference.

Landívar & Landívar focuses on a personalized service for each of its respective clients, constantly modernizing itself to maintain a dynamic and organized information system that allows faster and more effective responses in this new modern world.



Name: Martha Landívar

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Email Address:


Name: Marcial Navia

Job Title: Business Manager

Email Address:


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