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Arguelles & Company

Address: Suite 401, The Matalon,, Coney Drive,, Belize City,, Belize.
Phone: 190

Arguelles & Company is one of the largest IP Law Firms in Belize assisting Fortune 500 companies directly and via professional affiliations and collaborations with foreign law firms. We offer a full range of services relating to intellectual property in the areas of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and domain names.

We provide exceptional services in prosecution of trademarks and all other intellectual property matters. We thoroughly vet applications/specifications and advise as to any possible objections before filing resulting in a 95%+ success rate. We present alternatives, prepare and present arguments to successfully overcome possible office objection, and when the need arises, opposition proceedings and other trademark protection/cancellation proceedings.

Our firm protects and enforces trademark portfolios of leading brands worldwide. We are committed to fully understanding our clients’ issues and concerns, and we are equipped to assist in the most efficient manner possible.


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