Y. J. Trivedi & Co.

Address: 2nd Floor, City Square Building, Opp. Kashiram Hall, Polytechnic, Ahmedabad – 380 015, Gujarat, India.
Phone: +91 79 26303777 / 2630 5040

Tracing our origin to 1970, Y J Trivedi & Co. is elated to have completed 50 Credible years in the practice of Intellectual Property Rights providing full service in IP law with offices at Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur.

The firm has a strong base of well-credentialed legal and technical professionals offering quality services in all areas of IPR.

The firm has garnered excellent relationship with its clients by offering them personalized and prompt professional assistance. Whether working on a precedent-setting case or preparing opinions, the firm endeavours to be innovative in its approach and adopt pragmatic strategies to meet its client’s interest.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration and specialized experience in its clients’ industries, the firm provides effective solutions that aligns with clients’ short-term and long-term business objectives. The firm is in a continuous pursuit to build a reputation for its legal work staying true to its core values.

Contact: Mr. Jatin Trivedi, Senior Partner (Attorney & Advocate)


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