Tri Viet & Associates

Address: No. 372, Cau Giay Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam,
Phone: (844) 37913084

TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES is a registered and licensed International Patent Agency & IP Law Firm in Vietnam. The firm was founded by Mr. Long Nguyen Duc and some other patent attorneys, who have much experience and expertise in patent prosecution, enforcement and litigation in Vietnam since 1991.

TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES provides a wide range of patent services, specially of PCT services, including searching, advising, filing, prosecution, licensing, litigation, annuity payment, etc. in a wide range of industries such as:

Automotive Mechanical Products and Processes

Aerospace Materials Science

Analytical Chemistry Materials Science

Biomedical Medical Devices

Biotechnology Metallurgy

Biochemistry Molecular Biology

Chemical Substances & Materials Media, Sports and Entertainments

Chemical Engineering Nano Technology

Consumer Goods & Services Optical

Electrical and Computers Process Chemistry

Electronic Physics

Electromechanical Devices Pharmaceuticals

Genetic Engineering Signal Processing

Inorganic Chemistry Semiconductors

Information Technology Telecommunications


Tri Viet & Associates

Nguyen Duc Long

Director – Lawyer – Reg. Patent Attorney




Ta Minh Phi

Deputy Director – Patent Attorney

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