Chavalit & Associates Limited

Address: Rajanakarn Building, 20th Floor, 3 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, 10120, Bangkok, Thailand.
Phone: +66 (0) 2 6766667-8

Here at Chavalit & Associates, we recognise that almost every corporate deal encompasses intellectual property. Our IP Practice Group is structured around experienced professionals with vast experience of all aspects of Law, with specific knowledge in all areas of law involving intellectual property.
Our extremely well-known and successful Intellectual Property Practice, under the name of Chavalit & Associates, represents a multitude of major national and foreign clients in complex, multi-jurisdictional disputes on intellectual property rights. Our IP law practitioners regularly advise and assist on both litigation and arbitration proceedings concerning matters of copyright infringement, patents, breach of confidence, trade secrets, trade names and trademark violations, as well as IT and telecommunications laws. We are adept at implementing national and international litigation and anti-counterfeiting strategies in order to achieve the right outcome for our clients. Most importantly, being a modern, consultative and forward thinking firm, we are also very capable of using settlement, alternative dispute resolutions and mediation whenever such methods can provide a better solution for the needs of our clients.

Many of our IP lawyers focus on specific sectors, thus giving them an advanced knowledge of how IP is executed in practice. Intellectual property deals with technical and specialist subject matter, so it is important that we have a team of highly skilled, technically minded professionals with the ability of regularly achieving successful conclusions.


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