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Address: 6 Broad Street, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: +234 (1) 460 7890

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We at G. Elias & Co are a corps dedicated to addressing demanding clients’ important legal challenges. We are a leading Nigerian business law firm founded 30 years ago. We are known for the originality of our thinking, the thoroughness of the content of our work, our speed of response and our integrity and resolve to executing our client’s work to the highest standards. The quality of our work is recognized in all the leading international directories of lawyers. Our paramount aim in our intellectual property law  (IP) practice as in all our other practices has always been to offer our clients, services of very highest quality. That means that we emphasize technical proficiency, attention to detail and creativity in developing practical solutions to clients’ problems. We are known for our sensitivity to clients’ business needs and concerns and promptness in responding to and executing their requests. We have expertise and experience, and we welcome enquiries and instructions.

We have and maintain complementary contacts in Nigerian business and government circles, and with law firms and lawyers’ organizations in and outside Nigeria.  We are a member of Multilaw, a leading global alliance of independent law firms. Multilaw has offices in 100 countries and over 11,000 lawyers.

We have invested in the technology, facilities and support personnel that we need to excel at what we do. We have unusual breadth in the range of our work. We are organized into sixteen practice groups and twenty-five subsectors. We have been consistently ranked in global directories of lawyers as a top-tier law firm. Our IP practice has consistently been highly rated. We are unusual among law firms in that we have the ISO 9001:2008 certification and are currently transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 certification.

In the field of intellectual property (“IP”), infringement prosecution, defense, and enforcement of trademarks, patents, utility models and design models as well as preparing and concluding licence agreements, G. Elias is your go-to firm.

Our Intellectual Property practice is central to our vibrant New Economy practice. (By “New Economy” we mean telecommunications, technology, media and entertainment–subsectors that today contribute 15% of Nigeria’s gross domestic product.) We work with patents in the telecommunications and technology subsectors; on copyright in the media and entertainment subsectors and on trademarks across all New Economy subsectors.

We represent writers, actors, directors, producers, production companies, media companies, distributors, sales agents, authors, musicians, composers, management companies and journalists across media platforms. Our work cuts across the film, music, television, theatre, print and publishing, radio, gaming and other areas of established and emerging media. We have industry experience in drafting, negotiating, recording talent and executive employment agreements and advising creative media and entertainment and new media companies. Our experience in providing legal and business solutions to technology companies extends to licensing, advising on data privacy, protection and registration with relevant regulatory bodies and to structuring and providing comprehensive legal services to protect and advance our clients position in transactions.


We assist in searching, filing, opposing, registering, prosecuting and enforcing trademark/service marks. We also advise on post registration matters such as recording of assignments, mergers, renewals, change of name and address, coexistence agreements and licence agreements. We have assisted our major clients with valuable IP assets in the commercialisation of those assets through franchising, licensing and the assignment of those assets, and in IP issues arising from mergers, acquisitions and corporate re-organisations. We conduct “due diligence” inquiries on the title and registration of IP rights and prosecute applications for the registration of transfer-of-technology contracts. We also have IP audits and portfolio management capabilities.


We aid in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications. Our work covers patent searches, assignments, renewals and providing advice and litigation services relating to patent infringements.

Industrial Designs

We prepare, file, and prosecute industrial design applications as well as conduct industrial design searches, assignments, renewals and providing advice and litigation services relating to industrial design infringements.


In the field of copyright, our expertise includes full-service copyright registration of works, assignments, licenses and copyright portfolio management. We also do copyright litigation and enforcement work including anti-counterfeiting measures.


We provide advisory services and enforcement services including online enforcement.


Our lawyers have represented and defended multinational business organisations and other clients in the media, entertainment and other sectors before the Nigerian Courts. Our primary goal is to assist our clients to reap the benefits of their IP asset.

Other offices: Abuja, Nigeria


Team Members

Fred Onuobia, SAN

Senior Partner

Similoluwa Oyelude


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