Published December 21, 2023
  • Tracking development trends by identifying 187 research area

London, UK December 20, 2023 – Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in connecting people and organizations to intelligence they can trust to transform their world, released Engineering Fronts 2023 today, along with the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and the Higher Education Press of China. This report is the seventh annual collaboration and aims to track the development trends of engineering science and technology by identifying key research areas.

The new report identifies a total of 187 pivotal research fronts, encompassing forward-looking, leading, and exploratory research areas of engineering. Among these, 93 engineering research fronts have been pinpointed to theoretical exploration – derived using a synthesis of citation data extracted from the Web of Science™ from Clarivate together with nominations by experts at the CAE.

In parallel, the report identifies 94 engineering development fronts, focusing on the practical application of engineering science and technology. These development fronts have been identified by an analysis of patent data sourced from Derwent Innovation™ from Clarivate and incorporate nominations contributed by industry experts at CAE.

Osher Gilinsky, Vice President, Academia & Government, Clarivate, said: “We are proud to join forces with the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Higher Education Press of China to deliver this impactful report. Through engineering science and technology we can transform our world, and engineering fronts represent a compass to guide the future direction of innovation. This report is another great example of how we help advance the success of people and organizations through transformative intelligence and trusted partnership.”

Wang Chen, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said: “As the highest honorary and advisory academic institution in the field of engineering and technology in China, the Chinese Academy of Engineering will continue to work together with scientific and technological researchers from around the world. Our focus persists on the forefront of engineering and technological innovation, strengthening forward-looking research in major engineering and technological directions. In spearheading academic research, we direct engineering and technological strength towards the advancement of progress for human society.”

The report focuses on nine fields, aligned to the corresponding academic divisions under CAE, which are:

  • Mechanical and vehicle engineering
  • Information and electronic engineering
  • Chemical, metallurgical, and materials engineering
  • Energy and mining engineering
  • Civil, hydraulic, and architectural engineering
  • Environmental and light textile engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine and health
  • Engineering management

The 187 engineering fronts identified this year reflect a broad range of specialty areas and topics. For example, in energy and mining engineering, one development front focuses on fast charging and management technology for batteries, which is key to the development of electric vehicles. More generally, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to influence many areas, from control technology of unmanned systems based on brain–computer interface, to unmanned aerial vehicle path planning technology.

Learn more about this year’s report and the highlighted engineering fronts here.

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