Business Innovation Suite connects R&D, business, and legal practitioners to support inventors and accelerate the generation and commercialization of intellectual property

Anaqua, the leading innovation and intellectual property management technology provider, recently announces the launch of its Business Innovation SuiteTM to support inventors and empower organizations to enhance and accelerate their innovation capabilities and processes. Offered as both part of Anaqua’s AQX® IP management platform or as a standalone product, the Business Innovation Suite serves all departments in an organization, especially Research & Development, Product Management, and Intellectual Property by facilitating cross-functional innovation aligned with the organization’s business strategy.

“There are a number of studies that cover effective, as well as ineffective innovation processes,” said Vincent Brault, Senior Vice President of Product & Innovation at Anaqua. “Insufficient collaboration and the lack of rigor in assessing ideas are two obstacles frequently cited as impeding success. By launching the Business Innovation Suite, we are addressing this disconnect and empowering organizations with a solution that will improve collaboration, enable better and faster assessment of ideas, and help steer innovation to meet their business objectives.”

Through the Business Innovation Suite, organizations can post and communicate current challenges, areas of interest, and goals to proactively align innovation with the strategic vision of the company. The platform also helps organizations get to market faster through capabilities that enable improved collaboration and enhanced decision-making processes to move the best submissions forward. Features include an easy-to-use custom branded portal to help capture and submit ideas, workspaces for ideation and collaboration, and a configurable review process and ratings for efficient decision-making.

About Anaqua

Anaqua, Inc. is a premium provider of integrated intellectual property (IP) management technology solutions and services. Its software solution, AQX, combines best practice workflows with big data analytics and tech-enabled services to create one intelligent environment designed to inform IP strategy, enable IP decision-making, and streamline IP operations. Today, more than 50% of the top 20 U.S. patent filers, top 20 global brands, and a growing number of law firms worldwide use Anaqua’s solutions. Over one million IP executives, attorneys, paralegals, administrators, and innovators in large and medium-sized companies use the platform for their IP management needs. The company’s global operations are headquartered in Boston, with offices across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For additional information, please visit



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