Apple has just been granted a new patent that is related to its Face ID biometric security system. The patent details a next gen advancement in facial recognition technology, which apparently uses facial heat mapping for authentication.

According to a Patently Apple report, the US Patent and Trademark Office awarded the Cupertino based giant the new patent. At the moment, a biometric form of security is a highly common feature in most smartphones and exists in one form or the other. Examples being both fingerprint recognition or facial recognition technology. Now, Apple seems to be working on the next gen Face ID technology, which maps heat on the users’ face for authentication.

Traditionally, the facial recognition technology we see today mostly uses the user’s face in a captured image.

However, a major drawback to this method is that any obstruction like glasses, masks, or hair could potentially hamper the authentication process. This is where the new Apple patent comes in, which maps heat from the users’ face. The occlusion heat map may be in the form of a grid that represents different regions of the face’s surface.

In other words, a determined value of occlusion for these regions might be taken as the unique signature which is recorded by a device. Meaning, each persons’ unique facial heat signature can be used to unlock an Apple device. This could help remove the issues faced by conventional facial recognition technology and also enable the company to continue using its Face ID system, which has become rather impractical after the pandemic due to the more common use of face masks.


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