Mathys & Squire Consulting to focus on IP valuation services

The launch of Mathys & Squire Consulting follows the acquisition of leading IP consulting firm Coller IP in 2017, when Mathys & Squire sought to develop its IP strategy and valuation service line.

Since this acquisition, the two firms have developed their relationship to a point at which their legal and commercial services fit seamlessly together, and are now in a position to bring these resources in-house, offering clients a one-stop-shop Tier 1 experience for all IP matters under the Mathys & Squire umbrella. From today, 14 April 2021 onwards, the existing Coller IP team will be integrated into Mathys & Squire, bringing together the expertise and experience of both businesses.

Commenting on the news, partner Alan MacDougall said: “Having an IP strategy in place is an integral part of any successful business, and we are proud to be able to offer our existing and prospective clients the full range of commercial IP advice and services they need to help their business grow under the Mathys & Squire umbrella. Being part of the innovation environment means we are always seeking to identify innovative ways of enhancing our range of services to clients and help them manage all IP aspects of their businesses.”


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