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Jalife Caballero

Law firm specialized in Intellectual Property practice. Since 1987 we have advised our clients in their most complex Intellectual Property matters, as well as in other related legal areas such as civil law, comparative advertising, administrative and criminal litigation of Intellectual Property matters.
Our firm is also focused in the development of technology and transfer agreements, as well as of franchises. Our expertise include all the areas that can be related to the Intellectual Property Practice:

Patent protection and enforcement, Trade Secrets, New Technologies, Trademarks, Copyright: Registration, Advertising Industry, Publishing Industry, Software, Artistic Management, Litigation Proceedings, Comparative Advertising, Domain Names, Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights, Licensing and Franchising, Corporate law, Economic Competition and Training.

Currently, we advise and proudly represent more than 1,600 national and foreign clients, mainly within industrial property and copyright disciplines. Our partners and associates hold considerable degrees of achievements and distinctive qualities that portray our services over usual legal practice and general course of action, to accurately assist operations of our clients along with Marketing and R&D, and up to Sales and Corporate Finance in IP related matters.

Luna Morel

Yolanda Oropeza Gaxiola
Attorney at Law

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